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Magic: The Gathering Arena 2021 Core Set

Magic: The Gathering Arena 2021 Core Set Mastery

Back in July I wrote about my return to Magic: The Gathering Arena (MTGA). Since then on a daily basis I have been thoroughly enjoying the game. I have been creating and evolving a couple of custom decks and have even tried drafting several times.

A new feature which I did not mention in July was that for the most recent set, core 2021, there are mastery levels. By winning games and completing daily quests players gain experience and level up from 1 to 90. Every 2 levels until level 72 all players are awarded a core 2021 booster pack. If however you unlock the mastery pass with gems (usually obtained by buying them) players get an additional reward every level until level 90. These rewards are usually cosmetic but are also booster packets from a variety of different MTG sets, in game currency, even a drafting pass.

Having reached level 90, I decided to spend 3,400 gems to unlock the mastery pass and get all of the rewards at once. I must admit, it felt good to see all of the awards pop up on my screen.

In addition to playing most days to level up, I have played ranked games in both standard (constructed) and draft (limited) formats. It’s not much to boast about, but I am proud of reaching gold tier rank 4 in constructed and silver tier rank 4 in limited. I have found drafting really fun and challenging but, at the same time, quite soul destroying. I have been super lucky in a draft and have had some great cards in my deck but lost every single game, on the other hand I have had a mediocre draft and have won 4 or even 5 games, earning great prizes.

Magic: The Gathering Arena August 2020 Season Rankings

I rarely mention anything about my life outside of video games, but I would like to add that MTGA has made it so much more fun to collect the physical cards. I am incredibly proud to own a full core 2021 card collection and have used codes provided with various products to unlock boosters and decks in MTGA. I do think more could be done in providing collectors with additional codes, perhaps every 5 or 10 packs to unlock MTGA packs or wildcards, but I am very excited with the synergy MTGA has with the real physical card sets.

If you are interested in learning how to play Magic: The Gathering without spending any money, I highly recommend MTGA. From there if you enjoy the game there are many affordable products you can pick up from your local collectible card shop and, if unlike me you’re a socialite, you can ask about local events where you can play. Better yet, there are some products which give a redeemable code to use in MTGA so you can play with the virtual copies of your cards and learn how it works. If you would like some help or want to challenge me to a game or two, please feel free to contact me, I would love to hear from you.

Snooker Nation

Snooker Nation August 2020

With Jason winning 3 out of 4 matches this month, he is gradually building quite a bit of a lead on me. What’s worse is that there was a complete white wash in the second week. I am going to need to knuckle down and pull something out of the bag soon to stop Jason and level things up a bit.

07/08/2020 – Match 94

To kick off August Jason secured his second win in a row winning 6 frames to 3 in a best of 11. There were only two century breaks, I got 111 in the first frame while Jason got 108 in the 9th and final frame. Mistakes were made but all in all I think we both played pretty well, it’s just a shame I couldn’t secure another frame or two to make it a closer match.

14/08/2020 – Match 95

A complete white wash! Jason beat me 6 frames to 0 in a best of 11. In the 2nd frame Jason got a century break of 105, which somehow makes me feel worse. This is not the first time this has happened, but it still feels as bad. To not win a single frame is pretty shameful.

21/08/2020 – Match 96

Almost a complete turn around this week, I won 6 frames to 1 in a best of 11 but it could have easily ended 6-0. There were no century breaks this week, I had numerous opportunities to score a century but for whatever reason I couldn’t capitalize. Perhaps my jimmies are still rustled from last weeks white wash.

28/08/2020 – Match 97

A more even match to make a change with Jason winning 6 frames to 4 in a best of 11. Jason did well to win it having been at one stage down 4 frames to 1. There were 4 century breaks in total, I got 130 in the 1st frame and 128 in the 5th frame while Jason had two of his own of 129 in the 9th frame and 107 in the 10th and final frame.

Season 3 (July – December 2020) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 8 3 29 6 133
Jason 8 5 39 10 139


Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj

WoW: Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj

I have written about my experiences in each Classic World of Warcraft raid so far, it is only right therefore that I write about my experiences in the Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ20) raid. I will write about the The Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ40) raid in a seperate post once I feel my guild and I have completely conquered it.

As with my experiences in every other raid in Classic World of Warcraft so far, I have found AQ20 disappointingly easy. In my opinion, it’s only slightly harder than Zul’Gurub which I wrote about back in June. I believe, like Zul’Gurub, this raid was always intended for players with characters who needed to catch up with their gear for the slightly more difficult 40 player raids. It’s also probably ideal for small guilds who can only muster around 20 players on a regular basis.

For most people, it is important to clear this raid to obtain handbooks for their character. Disappointingly, all 3 of the handbooks available for my rogue are quite bad. Handbook of Backstab IX is for dagger rogues, Handbook of Deadly Poison V is for a poison I very rarely use. Handbook of Feint V is probably the better of the 3 handbooks, allowing me to drop threat a little better if necessary. As I am a bit of a complitionist, I am still happy to have been awarded all 3 of these handbooks along with a Qiraji Spiked Hilt which I will eventually be able to exchange for Dagger of Veiled Shadows once I am exhaulted with the Cenarion Circle faction.

The only other item of note for my rogue which I haven’t got is Bow of Taut Sinew, purely for the 8 nature resistance to go with my nature resistance set, used in AQ40. Other than that, AQ20 is good for Cenarion Circle and Brood of Nozdormu reputation. Of course, regardess, I am all too happy to assit my guild mates as much as possible to help them achieve whatever goals they have in AQ20 and will run it as often as I can for them if not for myself.

WoW August Update

WoW: August Update

My monthly Classic Warcraft update is much later than usual this month, this is because for quite some time now I have been very busy and unable to spend as much time as I would like playing. On a personal level, I have made so little progress, it’s almost not worth having an update.

As was in last month’s Classic Warcraft update, I have not been able to cross anything off my wish list. With my guild I have cleared Blackwing Lair and Molten Core each week consistently but none of the items below dropped from the bosses we killed. The Drake Fang Talisman did drop on one occasion since my last update but it was given to a tank as priority. Even if it wasn’t, I didn’t have enough priority to be given it over guild members who have been waiting for loot longer than I have. With the gates of Ahn’Qiraj opening on Thursday, I shall need to update my wish list to accommodate the new loot available.

Prestor’s Talisman of Connivery
Bloodfang Belt
Band of Accuria
Drake Fang Talisman
Chromatically Tempered Sword (Main hand weapon)
Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight (Off hand weapon)
Warblade of the Hakkari

While it’s true my personal progress has been almost non-existent, the same can not be said about my guild. One of the officers, Kyra, took it upon himself to complete the Scepter of the Shifting Sands Quest Line before the gates open. This is truly a colossal quest line involving clearing raids and ultimately collecting 41,400 Silithid Carapace Fragment’s from enemies in Silithus, taking the guild well over a week to acquire. I regret not playing a more active role in helping Kyra, and the guild, for completing this. Ultimately I spent a little less than 2 hours collecting fragments, where as other guild members were able to spend days (literally) collecting them. I am pleased I helped out a little and was there when our guild killed the last two raid bosses, Eranikus, Tyrant of the Dream and Maws.

Here is Kyra completing the quest line and obtaining Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal (Qiraji mount) and Scarab Lord title. Between killing these bosses, one of our guild leaders gave a short and emotional speech about how proud he was of our guild. I do not wish to embarrass him with the recording, but he said. “I’d just like to thank everybody that got involved with the guild and Kyra to get the scarab quest line chain completed. Although, of course it’s Kyra that benefits from this and he gets his mount, it’s also for Inspire. We can say that together as a guild we accomplished something that most other guilds of our size would never have managed to have done. It is a feat of its own that we have done what we did. The grind, of getting all of the fragments, the grind for the dragons, everything that we have done is a great great great achievement for Inspire. We did it by soldiering on and we came together as a great community that we are and I am extremely proud of your all, words simply cannot express how proud I am of this guild. It certainly seemed that it would be a monumental task to complete from day one, where we got something like 400 fragments on the farm. A lot of people were pretty discouraged but we still gave it our all. I love this guild, and I love everybody in this guild, I consider you all a very good friend and I hope that we stay strong, as we are now throughout the upcoming content that WoW classic has to offer. Here’s to our new scarab lord, Kyra, Congratulations.”

In this Classic Warcraft update I must mention my complete failure to achieve anything on my ‘to do’ list. Not only did I not reach PvP (Player vs Player) rank 9, I was demoted from rank 8 (Knight-Lieutenant) to rank 6 (Sergeant-Major). As previously mentioned, I just have not had the time to play and have made little or no progress on getting Argent Dawn reputation or even getting 300 in fishing. As with my wish list, my to do list will probably need updating when I am finally able to set foot in Ahn’Qiraj. I think I should remove my PvP objective, I simply do not have the time, or appetite to pursue it right now.

Reach Rank 9 (Knight-Captain)
Gain exhaulted with Argent Dawn
Get 300 skill in fishing

In terms of personal progress, this has been the worst month of Classic World of Warcraft, but, there has been so much achieved by my guild. I couldn’t be more proud or more happy for them. Moving forward, with all the opportunities that await, I am certain that I will achieve more progress before my next Classic Warcraft update.

Year 1 Review

Year 2 Review

It has been another year since my first blog post and a year since my year 1 review. Like last year, for the year 2 review of my blog, I will consider lessons learned and what I will aim to do moving forward. I shall also reminisce on my gaming activity since the last review.

As was first stated a year ago, I still do not consider myself a ‘content provider’. This is still very much a platform I use to write about and enhance my gaming experiences. A way to document my gaming achievements and share them with whoever is interested. Because of this I have only made a minimal effort to share my content with others but have started to do so via a few live YouTube videos and occasionally with Discord to a small number of people I regularly play Classic World of Warcraft with.

With that disclaimer out of the way, it would be remiss of me not to mention as part of my year 2 review that there has been a complete re-design of the website to include branding and be fully responsive to mobile devices. I have also used my branding on all all other platforms I use, including my Twitter, YouTube, Twitch accounts, videos and as an avatar wherever possible. I really liked my blog this time last year, even if it was devoid of branding, but now, I am ecstatic with how everything looks and comes together. I must take this opportunity to thank my good friend Jason for making this possible and for continuously helping in all sorts of ways, not just a site redesign.

Lessons learned

Having created a small number of YouTube videos, I feel like I have learned a lot about video production. I have been using OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to capture my gaming activities and Sony Vegas to edit the footage and convert it to a YouTube friendly format for uploading. Embedding these videos in some of my posts has given my blog a new dynamic and helps to visually document my gaming achievements and activities. I still have a lot to learn about video production, so far I have clipped the beginning and ending of footage, added an intro, faded in and out volume and a few other minor things. Sony Vegas is a powerful tool and I still have much to learn.

My most popular post is a sort of educational one, Alpha EVE Online: Vexor. I posted this back in April 2019 and people are still finding it and use the site search to find information about the Vexor in EVE Online. It’s pretty much the only post where I have shared my knowledge about a game and how to better play it. While I have not played EVE Online for quite some time, it is tempting to play it a little again, just to put together some posts and perhaps YouTube videos about the areas of the game I have some expertise.

Perhaps the most important lesson I have learned is actually about myself. Last September I wrote a post called Playing Alone which, for people who know me, might be somewhat upsetting to read, especially towards the end. Since that post, I have joined a guild within World of Warcraft called Inspire and they have been awesome. After playing games alone for so long, it’s nice to group up with some like minded nerds and achieve the things we want within a game we enjoy. I also sought and recently completed a course of therapy which has helped me understand my mental health and has given me professional diagnosis. I am still learning how better to handle depression and anxiety, but I am incredibly proud with how far I have come. It’s also incredible to think that, in a way, my blog has helped me take steps to lead a better life and tackle issues which I have carried for most of my life.

Moving forward

As was written last year, there is still so much more I can do with my relatively new hardware and internet speeds. I aim to create more unlisted YouTube videos to use on my blog within the context of relevant posts, but, I would also like to create more listed YouTube content which might drive some traffic to my blog. I am nearing the completion of creating 15 or so videos of a play through which I will make live as soon as it’s complete, I am hopeful that this will be a good start.

I am continually disappointed that I do not play a wider variety of games. With that said, I have no intention of not playing Classic World of Warcraft or Snooker Nation, the two games I play the most. Time is not the issue, I do in theory have enough time to indulge in quite a lot of gaming activity if I want to. I believe the issue is a lack of planning and commitment on my part, not just with playing video games but with life in general. In future I will plan, schedule and communicate gaming activities with my employer and family. Hopefully, this with a little more commitment, I will be able to broaden my gaming horizons.

I have been thinking of creating a page in which I list all completed games since the beginning of my blog. What sort of format this page will take and whether or not I share it or how I share it is still something I will need to think about. I have often wondered how many games I have completed start to finish in my lifetime and while I cannot easily recount what I have done in the days before my blog, it might be fun to to start listing my gaming accomplishments in this way.

What do you think?

Because of a limited following, I have to date had little feedback. If there are any regular readers out there who would like to provide some feedback, be it about the website, the brand, my year 2 review or my gaming, please feel free to do so. You can leave a comment or contact me.

Snooker Nation

Snooker Nation July 2020

The end of the first Season 3 month sees Jason and I level on games won, however, I have fallen short on frames won and number of centuries. These should not matter too much, but given how close it was last season, I have learned that every frame and every century could count in the long run.

03/07/2020 – Match 90

After a tense end to the second season of Snooker Nation, having lost it not by matches won or frames won but number of centuries, it was nice to start season 3 with a clean slate and no pressure. Jason did well and won the match 6 frames to 1 in a best of 11 while picking up the only century break of 117 in the 4th frame. I am a little disappointed that I lost, but since it’s the start of the season, there will be many more opportunities.

10/07/2020 – Match 91

I played much better this week, winning 6 frames to 3 in a best of 11. I got my first century break of the season of 108 in the 1st frame, however Jason got 2, 106 in the 2nd frame and a massive 139 in the 5th. Hopefully this is the beginning of a win streak.

17/07/2020 – Match 92

Snooker Nation was incredibly buggy this week. Over the years I have found that every 4 or 5 matches or so the game crashes during one of our frames. This week however, it crashed at least 3 times and always when Jason was at the table. We resorted to me hosting the match, which seemed to stop the crashing. I felt bad for Jason, while I tried to play fair, and gave him back the advantage, it must really suck to have the game crash when you’re well on the way to winning the frame. Ultimately I won 6 frames to 5, but I am not sure I deserved it. There were two century breaks, 133 in the 1st frame belonging to me and 119 in the 3rd frame belonging to Jason.

31/07/2020 – Match 93

To end the month Jason claimed victory 6 frames to 3 in a best of 11. At one point however it was looking like it could be a complete white wash for me with Jason leading 5 frames to 0. As such, I am pleased to have clawed back 3 frames so that I could at least hold my head high. There were 3 century breaks, 113 in the 3rd frame and 131 in the 5th belonging to Jason, while I got an almost last minute 103 in the 8th frame.

Season 3 (July – December 2020) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 4 2 16 3 133
Jason 4 2 20 6 139


Magic: The Gathering Arena

Returning to Magic: The Gathering Arena

For a few weeks now I have made a return to Magic: The Gathering Arena. It’s the first time I have played this game since I wrote about it back in January 2019 and I must say, it’s as enjoyable as ever. There are some improvements in that the game now has a friends list feature which I would imagine would make it much easier to play with friends, it’s a simple feature, but was lacking back in 2019. In addition there have been a variety of new sets released since I last played including, War of the Spark, Core Set 2020, Throne of Eldraine, Theros Beyond Death, Ikoria, Lair of Behemoths and most recently Core Set 2021 which was released earlier this month.

Wizards of the Coast, the developer and publisher of Magic: The Gathering Arena, make their money by selling in game cosmetics and in-game packs of cards which supplement your in-game collection to hopefully enable you to create powerful custom decks. Thankfully however, you can acquire A LOT of free packs of cards, simply by playing the game and using the many promotional codes available. The most recent promotional code is ‘PlayM21’ which will give 3 packs of Core Set 2021 cards. There are also a number of pre-constructed decks to get you started.

I am proud to have reached Gold Tier 4 after winning a number of ranked games against other players. At first I used one of the many pre-built decks but then found myself making small tweaks to my favourite one. I did this without spending a penny on the game.

Magic: The Gathering Arena

While it is true that there is an element of ‘play to win’ with Magic: The Gathering Arena, it is, and always has been, the same with the actual physical game of Magic The Gathering. The more money you spend acquiring the best cards, the better your deck will be. With that said, even the most basic, cheap, well put together deck has at least the potential to beat the best.

There are ‘limited’ formats of play which remove the pay to win element, putting everyone on an even keel. For the first time I took part in a Magic The Gathering draft. This is where a player opens a pack of cards, takes one, then passes the remaining cards to another player. This is repeated several times until everyone has an opportunity to pick first and last from multiple packs of cards and has enough cards to construct a deck with what they have. In Magic: The Gathering Arena, players use their deck to play until they lose 3 times. The more times a player wins, the bigger the reward.

Another way Wizards of the Coast make money from Magic: The Gathering Arena, is by enticing players, such as myself, to play the game face to face with people at the local collectable card shop. This would involve spending at least some money on acquiring the cards in physical form. Unfortunately for me, I do not know anyone who plays Magic: The Gathering, but really enjoy buying and collecting the cards. Any surplus cards I do not want I sell online and use that money to purchase cards I want from online private sellers, this way I can effectively buy, collect, trade and play Magic: The Gathering all in the comfort of my home.

WoW: July Update

WoW: July Update

This last month has seen some progress in my Classic WoW journey, but, I think for the first time, I have been unable to cross anything off my wish list. I have consistently raided Blackwing Lair, Molten Core and Zul’Gurub with my Inspire guild mates, but the items I need just did not avail themselves. The exception to this was Band of Accuria which dropped on two occasions from the last boss of Molten Core, Ragnaros, but were awarded to two of our guild tanks. This is something I actually agree with and do not feel bad about it at all.

Because my loot priority is low compared to many guild members, it is very unlikely that I will be awarded either the Chromatically Tempered Sword or Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight anytime soon, as such, I think it would be wise to add Warblade of the Hakkari to my wish list which should be easier for me to obtain. I just hope it drops from Bloodlord Mandokir in Zul’Gurub soon because I think it would be a big upgrade for me.

Prestor’s Talisman of Connivery
Bloodfang Belt
Band of Accuria
Drake Fang Talisman
Chromatically Tempered Sword (Main hand weapon)
Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight (Off hand weapon)
Warblade of the Hakkari

While I have not been able to cross anything off of my wish list, I have obtained the two remaining Shadowcraft Armour set items mentioned in my previous WoW update. I would like to thank all of my guild mates who helped me acquire these items, especially Roundhouse, Tsun, Pallydude and Tailsmad who helped when I finally got Shadowcraft Pants, the most illusive Shadowcraft item.

What I like about this video is that when the item I wanted dropped from the boss, I could hear that everyone was happy for me and that they had helped me achieve one of my goals. This is how I feel when one of my guild members gets a key piece of loot they want or successfully achieve something, especially when I have helped them get there.

Another thing which has been a partial success is that I have acquired some nature resistance gear from Maraudon, a level 45-52 dungeon which has quite a few nature resistance items within and can be easily soloed by a level 60. This brought my nature resistance up to 95 but thanks to Skylla, another guild mate, I was able to have three items crafted bringing me to a total of 120. I can get another 5 resistance from a cloak enchant, but other rogues in my guild have around 140 – 160 nature resistance. I will therefor be keeping an eye out for 1 or 2 more pieces of loot, perhaps Ring of Binding from Onyxia’s Lair.

As for the rest of my ‘things to do’ list, I have reached 300 skill in using guns leaving me with just fishing to do before all of my skills are 300/300. I have made some progress with fishing, and have acquired a Big Iron Fishing Pole which I believe to be the best fishing pole in Classic WoW.

Obtain Shadowcraft Pants
Obtain Shadowcraft Cap
Reach Rank 9 (Knight-Captain)
Gain exhaulted with Argent Dawn
Get 300 skill in fishing
Get 300 skill in gun

I feel like I have utterly failed to reach PvP (Player vs Player) rank 9. While I have made significant progress, I just do not have the appetite to do much PvP. With real life getting much busier recently, I am not going to have nearly as much time to play as I have been these past 3 months or so. It’s going to be a real struggle, that’s for sure, but I will keep it on my list for now. With Ahn’Qiraj release date confirmed as the 28th July, there is a chance this time next month I will have raided either Ahn’Qiraj or the easier 20 player raid Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj with my guild, assuming the war effort event beforehand is completed quickly by both the Horde and Alliance factions on our server. This is another big step in my WoW journey and I am looking forward to it.

Snooker Nation

Snooker Nation June 2020

What a way to finish Snooker Nation season 2. Having played 28 matches over the last 6 months, both Jason and I have won 14 matches each and, incredibly, have won 130 frames each. Under these conditions the winner is the player with the most century breaks of the season which, in this case, is Jason with 38 centuries to my 34. I however win the highest break prize having scored 3 maximum breaks of 147 to Jason’s 2, which, in itself, is pretty impressive to have 5 maximum breaks between us.

05/06/2020 – Match 86

This was a pretty good result for Jason, winning 6 frames to 1 in a best of 11. I have to say, I feel like I was pretty unlucky this week, but, I can’t blame it all on bad luck as I also missed some pretty easy shots. There were no century breaks but considering this is the last month of our Snooker Nation season, a 6-1 victory is just what Jason needed.

12/06/2020 – Match 87

Disaster strikes for Jason, losing 6-1 in a best of 11. Nothing seemed to go right for him while I kept getting quite lucky. Unfortunately I only capitalized enough to secure 1  century of 107 in the 3rd frame, but as the season is coming to an end, I am just happy to take the win to give me the advantage.

19/06/2020 – Match 88

After the disaster Jason had last week it’s a bit of a miracle that he has kept himself in it by winning 6 frames to 1 in a best of 11 and scored 3 centuries in a row. 120 in the 3rd frame, 135 in the 4th and 102 in the 5 frame. I at least got a century of my own of 100 in the 6 frame, this however still means Jason has a 2 century lead. Ordinarily this would not matter but it could prove crucial in our final match of the season.

26/06/2020 – Match 89

This is an amazing finish to our Snooker Nation season with 6 century breaks between us. The match started with Jason needing to win the match 6 frames to 4 to guarantee season 2 victory or, win 6 frames to 5 with more century breaks for the season, which he was leading by 2. I had a great start and was leading 4 frames to 0 and had two century breaks, 100 in the 1st frame and 104 in the 4th. Somehow Jason found a way to hang on and played some careful and calculated snooker to win 6 of the next 7 frames with 4 century breaks of 117 in the 5th frame, 124 in the 6th, 112 in the 9th and 110 in the 11th and final frame of the season. Somewhere in there I clawed back a frame which put us even on matches won and frames won, but Jason secures victory having scored more centuries than me in the season. I feel a little gutted, it’s like in football losing a tournament not on points or goal difference but by number of cards issued or something similar. For the most part however, I am happy that we had such a grand finale, where we both played decently, and were both in it until the final 260th frame.

Season 2 (January – June 2020) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 28 14 130 34 147 x 3
Jason 28 14 130 38 147 x 2


WoW Molten Core

WoW: Molten Core

For classic World of Warcraft I have written about my experiences in Onyxia’s Lair, Blackwing Lair and Zul’Gurub. It’s only right therefore that I write about my Molten Core experiences which began as soon as I reached level 60 in December 2019.

Like with all of the other raids in Classic World of Warcraft so far, I am finding Molten Core exceptionally easy. This is in part because my guild, Inspire, had already been consistently clearing Molten Core before I was level 60, another reason is that people, myself included, already knew what to expect. This is, after all, a remake of a 15+ year old game.

After more than 6 months clearing Molten Core there is still 1 piece of loot which eludes me, Band of Accuria. This ring is needed by just about everyone who plays a melee class or hunter. It is also prioritized to guild tanks before DPS (damage per second) player such as myself. It’s unlikely therefor that I will be getting this ring anytime soon.

Here I am recently clearing Molten Core with my guild. In the videos description I have timestamped each boss encounter should you wish to skip to ahead.

Like with many raids, Molten Core has it’s own reputation faction, the Hydraxian Waterlords. I very quickly reached revered because up until that point players are awarded reputation for everything killed in the raid. To reach exhaulted however, players only get reputation for killing the bosses. I reached exhaulted 2 weeks ago, but, there is still 1,000 reputation to get which is a pain because now only the last boss, Ragnaros, will award reputation. Still, I should get what I need in 2-3 weeks time.

One thing I like about Classic World of Warcraft is that every raid is kept relevant. In modern expansions players would only play the most recent content patch and most recent raid. In Classic WoW however some of the best loot in the game, most notably Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, is obtained in Molten Core which means players will keep raiding it until the end.

I myself look forward to supporting my guild as much as possible by continuing to raid Molten Core with them. Even if I get Band of Accuria someday, it remains a nice and easy way to gear up guild members and make them stronger for future, more challenging content.

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