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Year 1 Review

Year 5 Review

The time has come for the year 5 review of my blog. When compared with other yearly blog reviews this is the most disappointing so far. I have at least been honest with myself and I hope this blog post will help me become the gamer and blogger that I want to be.

In my year 4 review I made a point of not setting myself any goals with the notable exception of completing the second half of Final Fantasy IX and writing a part 2 blog post to go with Final Fantasy IX Part 1, written back in February 2022. I had every intention of reaching this goal but I still haven’t played the second half of this amazing game, let alone complete it. I know that nobody reading this will care, but I am genuinely disappointed in myself that I didn’t find the time to do this.

There have been 18 posts since my year 4 review, of which 11 have been oriented around World of Warcraft. The remaining 7 posts are not about new games to my blog and as such I haven’t completed any game in at least a year. It is clear that my blog lacks variety which means I too am lacking variety when it comes to playing video games. I am finding this realization quite depressing and it has me questioning whether or not it’s right that I continue to call myself a gamer.

Lessons learned

I can’t continue to play MMOGs (Massively multiplayer online games). I have been intermittently thinking this for a long time now. Playing MMOs is somehow preventing me from being the gamer I want to be, perhaps because it is difficult to reach ‘the end’ of an MMOG and feel as if you have completed it. More importantly than that I believe my mental health may be suffering because of how monotone my gaming has been over the years.

Moving forward

As before I am not going to set myself any specific goals. But I would very much like to see posts about games that are new to my blog and add to my embarrassingly short list of completed games since I started blogging. Completing Final Fantasy IX at some point would also make me feel a lot better.

The blog still looks great and is perfectly functional. The only evolution it has seen in the past year is the removal of sharing buttons on each individual blog post and the removal of the Twitter logo from the top right corner of the header. Nobody really followed me on Twitter and with the changes to Twitter (‘X’) I do not want to use it anymore.

What do you think?

If anyone would like to provide feedback and/or suggestions for my year 5 review, please feel free to do so. You could leave a comment or contact me by any means.

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