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Blogger, gamer, nerd…

Having been a gamer since around 1990 at the tender age of 5, I have seen the gaming industry grow to what it is today. Over the years, from my perspective, it has turned from being an anti-social, taboo subject into a widely accepted pastime with great advances in technology to support a growing industry. With this I have played a lot of games and have had many gaming accomplishments which have gone undocumented and exist now only in memory.

I have decided that from the 28th July 2018, I will document my gaming passion for my own enjoyment and so that I might someday look back on events with pride. I will on occasion try to create content to help others which I hope, in time, may encourage other gamers to benefit from my experiences and knowledge about particular games that I play well.

Finally you will see the nerd in me. It used to be that being a gamer almost certainly meant you were a bit of nerd. Happily that is not necessarily the case now, there are people with all kinds of interests who would say they too are a gamer. I however, remain quite the nerd; you might notice most of the games I play are sci-fi and fantasy-based. And while this blog is primarily about my gaming passion, you will on, occasion, see a more personal post, giving you a glimpse into my life outside of gaming.