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Having been a gamer since around 1990 at the tender age of 5, I have seen the gaming industry grow to what it is today. Over the years, from my perspective, it has turned from being an anti-social, taboo subject into a widely accepted pastime with great advances in technology to support a growing industry. With this I have played a lot of games and have had many gaming accomplishments which have gone undocumented and exist now only in memory.

I have decided that from the 28th July 2018, I will document my gaming passion for my own enjoyment and so that I might someday look back on events with pride. Sometimes I will create content to help others in the form of guides and tutorials which I hope, in time, may encourage other gamers to benefit from my experiences and knowledge about particular games that I play well.

Finally you will see the nerd in me. It used to be that being a gamer almost certainly meant you were a bit of nerd. Happily that is not necessarily the case now, there are people with all kinds of interests who would say they too are a gamer. I however, remain quite the nerd; you might notice most of the games I play are sci-fi and fantasy-based. And while this blog is primarily about my gaming passion, you will on, occasion, see a more personal post, giving you a glimpse into my life outside of gaming.

What is Copper Ice?

Copper Ice is a character which I have created in my favourite game, the MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) EVE online and will be the backbone of my blogging activity. I will attempt to document his progress within the game while posting about other games as and when I play them.

What is EVE online?

EVE online is a sandbox game, set in space, released in 2003 and is continually developed by CCP Games.

In EVE online you create a character, known as a capsuleer and use it to explore thousands of solar systems which make up a region of space known as ‘New Eden’.  In New Eden, players are encouraged to do whatever they like: there is no specific goal or objective other than the ones you set for yourself. That’s the sandbox element. This is beautifully demonstrated by a youtube video released by CCP games.

In EVE online, there is no limit to what you can achieve. With enough dedication and commitment you can grow to lead a huge alliance and be responsible for starting large-scale wars and record-breaking battles. You can be a ruthless and cunning pirate or even a spy and saboteur working on the inside to bring down corporations and alliances from within. You can have a humble existence as an explorer, miner, industrialist, market trader, freighter and much more.

Because EVE online was released in 2003, it has a rich history of player-inspired events and has had a multitude of improvements in graphics, game play and content. CCP games released a 15 Year Anniversary Youtube video which demonstrates this.

Perhaps best of all, EVE online is free to play and I would encourage anyone to watch the Play For Free trailer. If it is something that might appeal to you, join me in space amongst the stars of New Eden and give it a try. Also, check out the videos below of some players sharing some of their experiences and story.

The Explorer
The Pirate
The PvP (Player vs Player)
The Thief

If you do want to try EVE online, sign up here and we will both earn rewards. There’s no commitment and you will automatically be given 250,000 skill points which will help get you started. Should you decide to upgrade your account at any time, I will also receive a reward for recommending you.

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