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Year 1 Review

Year 4 Review

I find it hard to believe, but it has been 4 years since I started blogging. Time for my year 4 review. In this review I am going to consider some lessons learned but as part of that I don’t think I am going to set myself any goals moving forward.

This has become a yearly mantra but I would like to remind any readers of a ‘disclaimer’ in that I do not consider myself a ‘content provider’. Yes I am technically creating content, but this blog has always been a platform for me to write about and enhance my gaming experiences. A way to document my gaming achievements and share them with whoever is interested. I have only made a minimal effort to share my blog with others and I have no intentions of changing.

Lessons learned

I have learned that I am not very good at meeting my own set goals. Last year I set myself the goal of creating a high quality YouTube video which I would be proud of. Since then I do not think I have created any videos to speak of and certainly none which required any effort on my part. Another goal was to play through some of my favourite Final Fantasy games, I made a pretty good start with Final Fantasy IX in February and wrote Final Fantasy IX Part 1, but haven’t completed the second half of the game for part 2. It’s not all doom and gloom, I am pleased to have played through a few new games such as Aliens: Fireteam Elite and Terminator: Resistance. I also made time to finish playing through one of my all time favourite games Front Mission 3. I have to say that Terminator: Resistance and the expansion Terminator: Resistance Annihilation Line are easily the best ‘new’ games I have played in a long time.

In October last year I felt I needed to quit playing Classic World of Warcraft. At the time there were a lot of real life issues needing my attention and I found myself struggling to find the time to play. Around 6 months later some real life issues had improved and I had more time on my hands. I decided to return and have been trying to catch up on the content I have missed ever since. I don’t think I will provide monthly World of Warcraft updates like I used to but will provide an update as and when I feel like a lot has happened.

Moving forward

Rather than setting goals in this year review I think I will try and go with the flow for a while and see where my gaming takes me. One thing I would like to do however is complete my Final Fantasy IX project by completing the second half of the game and writing part 2, for now this will be my only goal and should be easy to achieve, even with real life issues.

There is no need for a website reskin or change of ‘branding’. Right now I have no intentions of evolving the website or adding new pages, plugins / features. Maybe someday I will, it has been something I have thought about from time to time, but right now I am happy with the basic functionality it has. It’s easy to use and allows me to better focus on gaming and having fun.

The most important thing I need to do is consider healthier gaming habits. There are many games designed to combine fun with exercise, which is a possibility for me, but I am more so considering ways of avoiding what happened to me in June, where I could have died from a pulmonary embolism, more commonly known as a blood clot. Right now I am more conscious of how long I have been sitting and make an effort to get up and move around, even if I have no other purpose to do so. I also plan ahead and move around prior to gaming sessions and meetings.

What do you think?

If anyone would like to provide feedback and/or suggestions for my year 4 review, please feel free to do so. You could leave a comment or contact me by any means.

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