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WoW March Update

WoW: March Update

The time has come for me to give an update of my adventures in World of Warcraft. Since my last update my interest still has not returned for Classic Wrath of the Lich King but I have continued to enjoy Classic Era World of Warcraft in a number of different ways. My ‘hardcore’ rogue has reached level 42 and I managed to acquire a mount. Embarrassingly, when I reached level 40 (the earliest time you can acquire a mount) I did not have enough gold and needed to spend the next 2 levels focused on making as much gold as possible to obtain one. I don’t think there is anything worse in WoW as having a level 40+ character without a mount. With each level the stakes get higher and I find myself increasingly anxious and nervous about dying because if my character dies I need to delete it. To try and offset any potential upset or disappointed I decided to create other hardcore characters, a level 16 warrior, level 12 mage and level 11 hunter. The logic behind this is if I die I will be able to console myself knowing that I do still have other characters to play but, to be honest, I am not sure it will help now I am over level 40.

WoW March Hardcore Characters

I have also been enjoying ‘normal’ Classic Era WoW and have started to play my level 60 rogue a little bit by using it to ‘boost’ a low level character on a different account through dungeons and some other content. This isn’t an efficient way to level a character but I am finding it fun to ‘multibox’. Blizzard have strict rules for multiboxing, and rightfully so. They are to prevent people from using 3rd party software or hardware to mirror commands across multiple accounts. I have seen people do this and it has given them distinct advantages, especially in a PvP setting. I however simply alt-tab between two WoW clients and use basic follow command macros. Below is a screenshot of a level 32 warrior on my second account.

WoW Copper Level 32

Classic Era WoW has started to see more and more players return to the game, probably since the launch of Wrath of the Lich King but increasingly because of the hardcore community. Don’t get me wrong, the servers have a low population, but it’s slowly starting to creep up again. There are a few large guilds who raid regularly and a small number of players who PvP. For now it’s enough to keep me interested, besides, I am used to playing the game on my own. Moving forward I hope to continue to level my hardcore rogue and enjoy Classic Era WoW in my own way and perhaps make new friends since my old friends in Inspired have moved on. Kyra and Akiki however, people I have played WoW with since 2019, have decided to give hardcore WoW a try so I will be keeping tabs on them. Hopefully they will enjoy it at least as much as I have.

  • GBM, 31/03/2023, 9:55 pm

    Hey Copperice, very delighted to get an update from the other side of WOW. Sounding very adventurous 😝😝 with the hardcore. Akiki and Kyra are very proud of Mithril…

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