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Diablo III Season 17 End

Diablo III Season 17 End

While season 17 for Diablo III is still in full swing, my season has come to an end. Over the past few weeks I have been playing very little and have lost the drive to keep playing.

This has by far been my most successful Diablo III season to date and I did it all in hardcore mode. Hardcore is where if one of my characters were to get killed it would be permanent and I would need to start over, something I needed to do early on in the season.

As you can see from the screenshot below, I reached level 800 paragon and have 5 (still living) characters which total more than 105 hours play time, mostly on my wizard.

Diablo III Season 17 Summary

I am most proud of completing greater rift level 81 on my wizard. There are many players who would consider that quite low but I am still proud, especially considering I have been playing hardcore all season completely solo. You can see from the screenshot below that I also achieved level 51 with my demon hunter, 45 with my barbarian and a token level 22 with my crusader.

Diablo III Season 17 records

I recorded my level 81 greater rift attempt with my wizard and have uploaded it to YouTube. I think that I could probably beat my record but have decided not to risk it and finish season 17 on a high. If you are interested in learning how I play my wizard and what items I used to compliment my ‘build’, contact me and I will happily share with you.

In the early days of season 17 I had an enormous amount of fun, yet, I do not know if I will get around to playing season 18. If I do, I doubt that I will be able to beat my records this season unless there are some drastic changes which make the game seem like new again. Honestly though, I am hoping for the announcement of Diablo IV or at the very least another expansion for Diablo III later this year, something I half expected to be in the last set of Blizzcon announcements. But like many other fans, I was left disappointed by the announcement of the mobile only game, Diablo Immortal.

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