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Diablo III Season 23 End

Diablo III Season 23 End

While I haven’t played Diablo III for a over a week, today will officially be my last day playing Season 23. It feels like I achieved a lot since my previous Diablo III season 23 post, most notably I have beaten my personal best of completing a tier 81 greater rift which I set during season 17. My new record is now tier 95 set by my Demon Hunter and I should add that I also beat it by completing a tier 83 greater rift with a Barbarian. My only regret might be that I didn’t beat it with my wizard which ultimately only reached level 62 as you can see in the bellow screenshot.

Diablo III Season 23 Records

Another thing I wanted to beat was my seasonal paragon level personal best. In season 23 I reached level 841 which is 41 levels more than my season 17 record and 10 levels more than all of my hardcore paragon experience put together. It’s worth mentioning that I leveled a Crusader, Monk and for the first time a Necromancer to level 70 but didn’t achieve much else with them. I realize these achievements are nothing compared to what many other players can do, with paragon levels in the thousands, but I am still pleased with myself and had around 111 hours of thoroughly enjoyable playtime.

Diablo III Season 23 Summary

It wasn’t all good however, season 23 claimed the lives of two of my hardcore characters including a Barbarian which I remade and a Demon Hunter. To be honest the Demon Hunter death was planned as I was attempting a tier 97 greater rift which I knew was high risk, but I wanted season 23 to go out with a bang and as such I recorded my attempt below.

I am not sure if there will be a time where I will play more Diablo III or immerse myself in another season. With Diablo II Resurrected and Diablo IV on the cards, it is much more likely that I will spend my time playing those games. In addition, for WoW Classic The Burning Crusade will launch tomorrow which will consume a lot of my time, at least in the short term.

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