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Diablo III Season 23 Progress Update

Diablo III Season 23 Progress Update

It’s been over 4 weeks of Diablo III Season 23 and I feel like I have made some excellent progress since my initial start. I now have a level 70 (the maximum level) barbarian, demon hunter, crusader and necromancer in addition to my wizard and have reached paragon level 700 which is just 100 away from my season 17 personal best. I also decided to play through and complete Diablo III in story mode which was something I did a long time ago shortly after the game’s release. I wanted to delve back into the story and watch the cinematic cut scenes again but also add Diablo III to my list of completed games since I started blogging.

Diablo III Season 23 Summary

Diablo III Congratulations Screen

Perhaps more important than my paragon level or roster of characters is that I have completed a tier 70 greater rift with my barbarian. This is important because completing a tier 70 greater rift solo unlocks the possibility of finding Primal Ancient Legendary items with my season 23 hardcore characters. Primal Ancient items are the rarest and most powerful items in the game, so far I have collected 5 but none of them are particularly helpful to any of my characters right now. The recording below is me completing a tier 70 greater rift for the first time this season.

Since the recording above, I have completed a tier 75 greater rift with my barbarian, a tier 62 greater rift with my wizard and a tier 45 greater rift with my demon hunter. Moving forward I will be wanting to improve all of these and possibly add a record for my necromancer and crusader. Ultimately however, my main goal is to beat my personal best of tier 81 which I set during season 17 with my wizard. I am confident I will accomplish these goals with the time I have left of what could be my last Diablo III season.

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