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EVE Online Wormhole Exploration

EVE Online: Wormhole Exploration

Since writing my EVE Online Resurgence post, one activity I have been doing since I started to play EVE Online again is wormhole exploration. This is where I leave the relative safety of high security space and enter unknown regions using wormholes in search or relic or data sites. Once I find these sites I hack into containers which contain somewhat valuable items. To achieve this I use an Astero as pictured below.

The Astero is pretty much designed for wormhole exploration with bonuses to core scanner strength (used to scan systems for anomalies) and relic and data analyzer strength (used to hack into relic and data site containers). The Astero is also able to equip a covert ops cloaking device (which allow the Astero to remain cloaked while in warp) and is generally a fast and nippy ship, which, if used properly, reduces the risks involved in wormhole exploration.

EVE Online Astero

In my first exploration I found 3 lucrative relic sites in wormhole space and bagged around 56.2 million ISK (Interstellar Kredits) in roughly 75 minutes. While this isn’t a huge sum of in-game currency, I think it’s a pretty good haul for 75 minutes of play. I made the below video to show off my adventure.

While you can be successful and obtain a lot of wealth with wormhole exploration, it is by no means a guaranteed source of income. It’s entirely possible to spend hours exploring wormhole space and find very little of value. Other activities, such as completing missions or mining ore in high security space, may only give low rewards, but it is consistent.

I find exploration exciting and hope to do much more of it. There are other, low cost ships which are both Alpha and new pilot friendly and can achieve the same results as an Astero. If any reader is interested in this or are interested in how I fit my Astero and how I use it for wormhole exploration, please leave a comment or contact me.

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