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WoW November Update

WoW: November Update

Another month has passed since my last WoW update. Unfortunately this month has been marred by what I consider to be a lot of guild drama for which I wrote an entirely separate post yesterday. I don’t have much to add about the drama other than I hope it will either end on its own or there are changes made to prevent more from occurring. As it stands I half expect not to be a member of Inspired this time next month, either because the officers don’t want me there or I can’t take anymore of the shenanigans.

On a more positive note my rogue, Mithril has been consistently invited to raid and I have enjoyed clearing phase 1 content with my guild most Wednesday evenings. I have been very lucky and have been awarded even more items which include 4 best in slot items.

Stalk-Skin Belt
Valorous Bonescythe Helmet
Strong-Handed Ring
Frosted Adroit Handguards

Other items awarded have either been an upgrade but not the best or something I have saved from being disenchanted which could be beneficial under certain conditions such as PvP (player vs player). Perhaps most exciting of all is that I was awarded Reins of the Twilight Drake from The Obsidian Sanctum. This mount isn’t particularly rare, my guild mates and I ensure we get 1 to distribute each week, but there are still a lot of people who haven’t got one yet.

For the last month I have ‘worked’ hard getting Copper (my protection warrior) a good set of items. I feel like I have done a pretty good job having attended a few 10 player raids and cleared a lot of heroic dungeon content. Unfortunately for the last week or so that progress has slowed down considerably since the 10 player raids aren’t going ahead on days of the week when I can raid. There was 1 second 25 player raid which consisted of around 14 or 15 people and we were able to clear some content, but since then there hasn’t been enough appetite to warrant a another 25 player raid for alternative characters. Sadly my goal in providing my guild with a ‘tank’ hasn’t been that much help. There are now more tanks than ever and there doesn’t seem to be much appetite to complete heroic dungeons. Hopefully this will change in future and people will start to benefit from all this effort.


I am still not satisfied with the damage output of my rogue. I have a very nice set of items for this phase of the game, but I am doing quite low damage. I have installed WeakAuras and imported a helpful rogue UI, consume a lot of potion of speed, acquired a helmet with a meta gem, read up on my opening moves and rotation and while I have seen some improvement, it’s still not very good. I have been asked to help boost the raid damage output by using my expose armour finishing move so at least I am not a complete 5th wheel. Moving forward I would like to improve my performance overall. I have never been interested in being the best possible rogue, but on the other hand I don’t want to be completely awful either. As for Copper, I will continue to avail myself when I can if a tank is needed and will continue to try and find ways of improving her gear and the way I play.

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