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WoW November Update

WoW: November Update

I feel like I have made some pretty decent progress on my Classic World of Warcraft journey. Especially as I have had some time off of work to play.

The first thing to mention is that I have raised the level of my rogue from 32 to 50 since the October update, which I think is pretty good considering how much of a casual player I am these days.

Second is that I have not completely abandoned my druid, I have invested in a talent re-spec from balance to feral and changed a lot of her items from spell casting (intellect/spirit) based items to agility based items and have raised her level from 36 to 40.

Any readers of my blog may have noticed in the October update post I had a level 13 warlock, called Electrum, which is now level 20. I currently primarily use this warlock to make use of all of the cloth I find to make bigger bags for all my characters using his tailoring profession. Electrum also has the enchanting profession which is helpful for disenchanting items which will turn them into enchanting materials and sell for bigger profit than if I were to sell the items as I find them.

I have also created a 4th character, a warrior named Khorium, who is level 12. I have grand plans of tanking low level dungeons with Khorium for fun when I want a break from whatever I am doing.

WoW Classic Level 50 Rogue

In order to keep myself interested and not burn myself out before I achieve the things I want to achieve, I have found it nice to split my time between several characters. It is fun improving my rogue, now my main character, but nice to have a break and play a different character for a while.

Moving forward I obviously need to get my rogue to level 60. From there the real work begins, I will need to source a guild which suits my needs in terms of raiding the high level content while being mature and friendly. This will be difficult because the rogue class is actually pretty common and in low demand. I will need to make myself more appealing to prospective guilds by getting as ready as possible for raiding by completing attunement quests and gathering good, entry level items from dungeons. I will also consider using my blog to create an application post containing detailed information about me, my character and what I can offer to their guild.

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