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WoW: Mithril

This post is different to anything I have written for my blog. I want to try and give my World of Warcraft character, Mithril, some meaning other than being just another Night Elf. I thought I would create a legend for Mithril and create this RP (Role-Play) post. I also had an image in mind to feature this post of Mithril sitting outside of Sunwell Plateau carving her name in a bench. I commissioned an artist, explained what I had in mind and provided in-game screenshots of Mithril and the setting. I hope anyone reading this will agree that if nothing else the artist, who goes by the name of Lorkhan, has done a spectacular job. Here is their Instagram account showing off more amazing pieces.

Born in Auberdine a few years before the first war, Mithril is the youngest of 2 sisters. Her father, the captain of a modest cargo ship the Mooncrest and her mother a botanist. Mithril was never content exploring Darkshore and Ashenvale with her mother and sister who were busy searching for herbs to make salves. Instead Mithril would daydream she was at sea with her father. Mithril’s family and the other Night Elves were completely oblivious of the Eastern Kingdoms continent and of the Alliance and the horde at war there. Towards the end of the second war however, Mithril’s father decided he and the Mooncrest crew would set sail and explore the east. Mithril begged her father to join him on his voyage, she had heard rumours of strange sightings in the east and wanted to join him on an adventure. Despite the refusal of her father, during the night Mithril snuck aboard his ship and concealed herself among the supplies.

After a full day and night at sea, Mooncrest and her escort were attacked by 2 Orc destroyers. The crew did their best to evade the destroyers however Mooncrest was struck by cannon fire and was boarded. The Orcs massacred the crew, including Mithril’s father as she watched between the wooden deck planks in the ships hold, hidden from view. Realizing Mooncrest was taking on water, the Orcs quickly disembarked back to their own ship and set off to continue their hunt for Alliance warships. It couldn’t have been more than 10 or 15 minutes before the ship began to tilt and list, forcing Mithril into the water, clinging to a wooden plank. For no less than 2 days Mithril drifted helplessly until a sympathetic Kul Tiran fisherman found her starving and exhausted.

Mithril was taken to Freehold and spent years surviving on the streets, avoiding brawls, pickpocketing drunken pirates and hiding in the shadows during times of danger. It was a hard life but Mithril eventually saved enough gold to acquire transportation back to Auberdine. Mithril, no longer a little girl but a woman, found that over the years everything had changed, not only through war with the Horde to the south but also The Burning Legion in the third war. She had even learned that the Night Elves had joined an Alliance consisting of humans, dwarves and gnomes that had armies away in the North. Mithril had also changed and the people of Auberdine no longer recognised her. Her Darnassian was poor and she didn’t fit in with her nefarious set of skills. Searching for her mother and sister, Mithril travelled to Teldrassil and the city of Darnassus where she met Syurna who convinced Mithril that she could use her skills for good and that if she were to travel the continents, helping people along the way, she might find clues about what might have happened to her family.

While travelling the roads of Kalimdor and The Eastern Kingdoms Mithril found friends and helped them overcome many threats to Azeroth, including the Qiraji and the Scourge. When she learned about the Dark Portal and that it had reopened, she joined the Alliance and Horde coalition with her friends to repel the invaders and gain control of the portal in Outland. For a while Mithril explored what remained of outland until one day she received an Alliance missive about her mother being buried in Astranaar, Ashenvale. After visiting her mothers grave Mithril learned from the quartermaster of the Silverwing Sentinels, Illiyana Moonblaze, that Mithril’s mother was killed by Warsong Outriders when they invaded Warsong Gulch but there was no knowledge of the whereabouts of Mithril’s sister.

Beset with grief, Mithril spent 6 months in seclusion and searched for her long lost sister. She eventually gave up and returned to Outland to rejoin her friends in order to free Outland from Illidan Stormrage and repel Kil’jaeden. While in Outland rumours had started about the continent of Northrend and the armies that were sent there. There was now a new frontier with new threats to Azeroth and mysterious death knights started to arrive, completely free of the scourge. Could it be possible her sister is a death knight? Might there be clues to her whereabouts in Northrend? One thing is for sure, Mithril will be joining the next expedition.

I hope anyone who reads this enjoys the story of Mithril so far, but to be honest it is written as if the reader is familiar with World of Warcraft. It might not make much sense to some readers. I am not a very creative person and I found this post difficult to write. I think the hardest part for me was trying to make sure that the story was easy to fit within World of Warcraft lore and canon. But with some help from Kyra, a member of my World of Warcraft guild, I think I got there without any major infractions.

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