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Snooker Nation May 2022

This is obviously a very much delayed Snooker Nation post. The reasons for this are outlined in my previous ‘I Nearly Died: My Story‘ blog entry and since then I have needed more time to recover and get other, more important elements of my life back on track. To be honest, since these games were played over 2 months ago, I can’t remember the details. I make notes during the match, but these are less useful as time goes on.

06/05/2022 – Match 169

For the most part this was a good start to the month of Snooker Nation, especially for me since I won 6 frames to 2. Almost as importantly it seems that both Jason and I are back on form when it comes to scoring century breaks. I scored 124 in frame 3, 108 in frame 5 but missed the final yellow and 101 in frame 8 but ran out of position on the final brown. Jason scored two century breaks of his own, 138 in frame 4 and 129 in frame 7. These 5 century breaks are already more than what we achieved in the entire month of April. I think Jason will be a little disappointed at how bad his safety shots were having made some really bad blunders. I on the other hand am pretty pleased with how I played other than a series of ‘haphazard’ shots in frame 2. One interesting thing to note is that in the final frame I managed to pot 3 reds at the same time, which is pretty much unheard of and I think is a first for us.

13/05/2022 – Match 170

Although there were some scrappy frames with both Jason and I missing some easy shots or running out of position, it was an enjoyable match which I won 6 frames to 5. Both of us scored 2 century breaks each, I scored 120 in frame 1 but missed the final yellow, costing me a potential maximum break of 147 which was heart breaking. I also scored 114 in frame 10 but missed the final black. Jason scored 103 in frame 6 and an impressive 144 in frame 7. What I liked most about this match is that it wasn’t one sided, there have been quite enough 6-1 or 6-2 results lately.

20/05/2022 – Match 171

It’s been another great match of Snooker Nation, this time however it is Jason who won 6 frames to 5. I am a little bit disappointed in myself, At one stage I had a generous frame lead but in the second half of the match there was a combination of bad luck, poor decision making and bad safety shots which ultimately cost me the match. There were 4 century shots in total, I scored 119 in frame 6 while Jason scored 114 in frame 4, 137 in frame 9 and 119 in frame 11.

27/05/2022 – Match 172

This was a good way for me to end the month of Snooker Nation, having won 6 frames to 2. I managed to score 125 in frame 2 after Jason was penalized for forgetting to nominate a ball colour. It’s a shame to take advantage of this mishap, but the rules are the rules. Jason scored 106 in frame 4 but missed the final red and I got a second century of 121 in frame 7. Other than that the rest of the frames were pretty ‘scrappy’ with both of us missing shots and running out of position.

Season 6 ( January – June 2022) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 17 9 83 28 147 x 2
Jason 17 8 69 21 147


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