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EVE Online Joining A Player Corp

EVE Online: Joining A Player Corp

Recently I decided to join a player corp (corporation) in EVE Online. After my post earlier this month I started to play again, at first it was just to recoup my recent losses and then to liquidate and consolidate assets. During this time I noticed there was some excitement around the latest Equinox expansion. This expansion promises to be the beginning of huge changes to null security space and features new upwell structures, resources and ships.

Having almost exclusively played in high security space, most of these features I would never see, let alone exploit. This is on top of many other features that are more or less exclusive to null security space, such as the ability to use capital ships. Flying capital ships in EVE Online is something I have always wanted to do and I even wrote about it more than 3 years ago when all I could do was risk a test flight.

I did join a player corp in October last year for 11 days which was as far as I am concerned a colossal disaster. Nobody seemed to know what they were doing. I don’t want to go into any details but I am amazed I lasted even 11 days with those clowns. Sadly this experience served to reinforce my view that joining a player corp and playing EVE Online in null security space was not for me. However after a lot of research and with new found confidence I decided to join a player corp called Silent Armada which is part of the alliance Game Theory which in turn is part of Phoenix Coalition and as of right now is not at war with anyone.

Compared to my last experience, these past 10 days have been amazing. Each time I play I learn something new about the game, everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Some of my corp mates have extensive knowledge about PVP (Player vs Player), capital ships, advanced industry and how to generally thrive in null security space. The leader of the corp has even given me 4 fully fitted and somewhat expensive ships and expects nothing in return. I have joined 2 fleet operations so far including this ice mining fleet screenshotted below.

EVE Online Ice Mining Fleet

I am not used to kindness and generosity, especially in EVE Online. I hope that it will continue and that I am able to repay them in kind. Usually alliances push for minimum requirements, full API access to your accounts and demand that you commit time to doing what they want at least several times a month. So far however that hasn’t been the case and the leadership has been exceptionally accessible and helpful.

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