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Snooker Nation June 2019

Here is my first monthly Snooker Nation post containing the results for every match that Jason and I played in the month of June.

01/06/2019 – Match 34

Jason continued his ridiculous win streak after we played a best of 7 which Jason won 4 frames to 2. There were also two century breaks, 127 in the first frame and 111 in the third frame, both belonging to Jason which highlights just how well he was playing this week.

07/06/2019 – Match 35

At last, I broke my losing streak and won 5 frames to 1 in a best of 9. It’s a bit of a running joke that Jason never wins when we play a best of 9 but often wins when we play a best of 7. There were no century breaks but I honestly didn’t care. It was great to win a match after losing so many.

14/06/2019 – Match 36

Another best of 9 which I won 5 frames to 2 and while I didn’t score a century, Jason got 109 in the second frame. A patch was released the previous day by the developer of Snooker Nation (Cherry Pop Games). Here are the patch notes:

Disappointingly we found no significant difference to the online game play. The delay between each shot was shockingly slow making the game dull and virtually unplayable. Once again, we reverted back to the 2016 version of the game and have given up hope for a new and improved (most importantly playable) Snooker Nation.

21/06/2019 – Match 37

Why does Jason play best of 9 matches? I don’t remember if he has ever won one. I won 5 frames to 3, giving me a 3 week win streak. Unfortunately, no century breaks this time and, to be honest, we both played badly.

28/06/2019 – Match 38

For the last match in June Jason and I played a best of 5 which Jason won 3 frames to 1. Once again, no century breaks this week. Unfortunately my three week win streak was broken but, to be honest, I don’t like it much when one of us keeps winning.

I really like how this Snooker Nation post has combined 5 matches and as such 5 posts into one. As I mentioned in my previous Snooker Nation post, next month will be the first in a 6 month Snooker Nation ‘season’. I will be keeping tabs on statistical data which I hope will make these posts a little more interesting.

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