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Snooker Nation Post Changes

After speaking to my good friend Jason, I have decided to change how I post our Snooker Nation results.

I noticed that a large proportion of my blog posts are about my weekly Snooker Nation game with Jason. While I do enjoy Snooker Nation, I feel the frequency of which I make Snooker Nation posts is excessive and quickly over shadows posts about other games which I have, more often than not, put much more effort in playing and producing content.

Starting immediately, I have decided that my Snooker Nation posts will now be monthly and will contain the results of all matches Jason and I play in that given month. This has meant that I have deleted the post Snooker Nation Week 34 of which the content of will be used in a new post, Snooker Nation June 2019. This will be released either at the end of June or beginning of July.

Furthermore, from the beginning of July, I will be adding statistical data at the end of each monthly post. This means in July I will include a table for matches played, matches won, match points (3 points for winning), frames won, number of century breaks and highest break. After 6 months I will reset the data and will declare the season champion before starting a new season in January.

This will reduce the number of Snooker Nation posts from a potential of 4-5 a month to 1 a month. Each post should also be more interesting and content rich rather than just 1-2 paragraphs containing just a few sentences.

I feel like this is a good evolution for my blog and that it will even make the game more fun. I hope that other posts about my different gaming activities will be given more exposure as well.

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