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Snooker Nation April 2021

This has got to be one of the best months of Snooker Nation for me having won 4 out of 5 matches and scoring a maximum break of 147 after nearly a year since the last one. I enter May behind by just 1 match, with up to 8 more matches for the season, there is everything to play for.

02/04/2021 – Match 123

Both Jason and I continue the theme of playing well. There was only 1 ‘scrappy’ frame where I missed a colour twice in the 3rd frame but was still able to win it after Jason missed a relatively straight forward red. Jason kicked off the centuries in the 1st frame with a break of 131 after an excellent pot to the middle pocket. Jason also scored 138 in the 5th frame and 132 in the 8th. I had two centuries of my own, 105 in both the 4th and 11th frame which helped me win the match 6 frames to 5. Although I am happy to have won, I am disappointed with my break of 105 in the 11th frame because I was 1 red away from potentially scoring a maximum break of 147.

09/04/2021 – Match 124

This was a match of two halves, Jason and I started playing it well, scoring century breaks, but then it turned pretty scrappy. I felt a bit hard done by in the 1st frame, Jason had missed a red which ended up hovering over the pocket but I just couldn’t hit it, even off a cushion. Eventually I tried an ambitious plant which failed. In the second frame I scored 103 but left a potential break of 145 after missing difficult black, the third frame I scored 120 but couldn’t pot the blue which could have resulted in a break of 138. Jason cleared the table in the 4th frame scoring and impressive 141, the new highest break of the season so far. From then on each frame was really scrappy, both of us missing multiple shots and making a real hash of things. Ultimately however I won 6 frames to 4, giving me a 3 match win streak.

16/04/2021 – Match 125

An unlucky match of Snooker Nation for Jason, after potting the first red in frame 1, he ran out of position and snookered himself which I was able to capitalize from and score a decent break of 132. In the 2nd frame I played a very poor safety shot but almost immediately Jason potted the white putting me back on the table. To make things worse, I almost scored a century in the third frame after Jason potted a red and black at the same time. At one stage I was winning 4 frames to 0 and it looked like it might be a white wash. Thankfully Jason was able to dig deep and win 3 frames including a break of 109 in the 7th frame. Eventually however I was able to win 6 frames to 3, giving me a 4 match win streak.

23/04/2021 – Match 126

For the most part this was a pretty clean and straight forward match, the second frame was a bit scrappy after I played a ‘lottery shot’ which is where I hit the pack of reds with the cue ball as hard as I can with a lot of top spin to try and pot one by fluke. Other than that I scored 104 in the 3rd frame and 112 in the 4th frame which could have been 139 if I hadn’t missed the final yellow. Jason scored 115 in the 8th frame but I was able to win the match 6 frames to 4. I have for the first time equalized with Jason in matches won this season. Hopefully I can take the lead next week.

30/04/2021 – Match 127

This has got to be one of the most crazy Snooker Nation matches this season, perhaps even of all time between Jason and me. In the 1st frame Jason had a break of 134 and only needed to pot the pink and black to secure a maximum break of 147. After potting the blue however, Jason’s position on the pink wasn’t that good and he narrowly missed the pot. In the 2nd frame Jason had another pretty good chance at getting getting a 147 with just a few reds remaining but, in frame 4, I scored the maximum break of 147 which, for readers who are unaware, is the ultimate achievement in the game of Snooker. Between the two of us, this is the 7th maximum break, the last one was almost a year ago in May 2020. Perhaps more surprising than this is how bad the 3rd frame was, after Jason almost scored a maximum break twice and before I actually scored a 147, we played the worst frame of Snooker Nation ever. To say it was a scrappy frame would be an understatement, we both missed multiple easy shots and it was as if we just started playing Snooker Nation and were learning the controls. Other than that the rest of the match was fairly clean, I scored 110 in the 8th frame but Jason ultimately won 6 frames to 3 and ended my win streak.

Season 4 (January – June 2021) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 15 7 72 24 147
Jason 15 8 76 23 141


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