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Snooker Nation May 2020

With just 1 more month of the Snooker Nation season Jason and I are playing, with only 4 games in hand, each match is more vital than ever before. At the end of May I have a two game advantage which means I will need to win 2 of the next 4 games to guarantee victory whereas Jason will need to win all 4. If I win 1 game and Jason 3, it will come down to frames won difference.

01/05/2020 – Match 81

This is perhaps the best Snooker Nation match Jason has ever played. I don’t think he missed a single shot and won 6 frames to 3 in a best of 11 while securing 3 century breaks including an impressive maximum break of 147 in the 3rd frame, 128 in the 5th and 135 in the 8th frame. To be fair, I didn’t play especially bad and got a century of my own of 133 in the 4th frame.

08/05/2020 – Match 82

Compared to the previous match, this was the polar opposite for Jason who missed shot after shot which ultimately cost him the match by losing 6 frames to 3 in a best of 11. I didn’t play especially well but did secure 2 century breaks, 130 in the 1st frame and 100 in the 9th and final frame. Jason did at least get a century of his own of 104 in the 4th frame, but I get the feeling this a match he will not want to remember.

15/05/2020 – Match 83

This was not a good match for either of us. Both Jason and I missed a lot of easy shots and made some terrible mistakes. Ultimately however, Jason won 6 frames to 3 in a best of 11. There was just 1 century break of 122 in the 3rd frame belonging to me.

23/05/2020 – Match 84

Once again both Jason and I played poorly which is strange statement to make as I did score a maximum break of 147 in the 5th frame. This however was the only century of the evening and the only ‘clean’ frame with the others being scrappy at best. I did however win 6 frames to 3 in a best of 11, not that either of us deserved to win. With just over 1 month to go of our second Snooker Nation season, we have only 5 games in hand with me leading 13-10. With this in mind Jason can only afford to let me win 1 more game if he has any chance of winning the season, and even then he will need to beat me on frames won difference.

29/05/2020 – Match 85

Yet another poor match but Jason did play a bit better than the last couple of matches. This time he won 6 frames to 3 in a best of 11. There were 3 century breaks in total, Jason had 101 in the 3rd frame while I had 108 in the 5th frame and 101 in the 7th frame. Could this be the start of a 5 match win streak needed to win Snooker Nation season 2?

Season 2 (January – June 2020) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 24 13 117 30 147 x 3
Jason 24 11 111 31 147 x 2


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