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Terran Ladder Games

Terran StarCraft Ladder

Over the course of the last few days, not only have I for the third time tackled my anxiety by playing some Starcraft ladder games, but I have played 27 ladder games as the Terran race!

I watched professional streamer and Starcraft 2 caster Benjamin “DeMusliM” Baker use a very simple but effective opening to get ahead in one of his games. I tried to copy it and found more often than not that it would result in me winning the game, just by using his opening strategy. I further adapted it by making it an all-in strategy which guarantees short games, to help with my anxiety. If it works, I win quickly, if it doesn’t I surrender the game unless I did enough damage to justify trying to carry on. Using this strategy I earned 341 ladder points and, for the moment, I am top 8 of a platinum 3 division.

Terran Starcraft Ladder Games Played

I will almost certainly lose this top 8 position unless I continue playing, and that’s fine. It’s just good to know that I can win games and be somewhat successful in this beautiful game. When I take a look at my match history, I can see that my strategy has improved over time, as has my win rate.

Terran Starcraft Ladder Games Win Rate

Any regular readers of this blog must be tired of reading about the few Starcraft games I have played and about my ladder anxiety. It’s just hard to keep quiet about something I am so enormously proud about. I don’t think I will play any more Starcraft games, at least for a while. The next time I do play I will need to decide to stick with it and play it hard, writing about every 75-100 games or if I get a significant promotion.

As mentioned in my previous Starcraft post. If there are any readers who are interested in getting in to Starcraft, feel free to get in touch. My offer remains open, even if I am not playing it right now.

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