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Snooker Nation Week 32

The developer of Snooker Nation, Cherry Pop Games, have not yet released another patch for their game. This left Jason and I playing the old 2016 version of Snooker Nation because we feel the online multiplayer aspect of the game is unplayable since the last ‘wash up’ patch. You can read about this in my previous Snooker Nation post.

We played a best of 7 which Jason won 4 frames to 2. Jason played really well, at one stage he was going to be ahead 3 frames to 0 but missed the last pink by a very small margin, thankfully allowing me to get back in to the match. He also scored a century of 104 in the final frame but again missed the final pink denying him an additional 13 points, not that it mattered. Other than missing those pinks I do not remember any significant mistakes other than being unlucky and accidentally potting the white. This has given Jason a 3 week win streak, something I will be looking to break next week.

I really hope Snooker Nation gets patched soon, we were both saying during our conversation that it’s a bit annoying knowing that new content is available but we can’t sensibly use it. What’s worse is that we can’t roll back just 1 patch when it was working quite well earlier in the month, before the ‘wash-up’ patch.

  • Jason Lewis, 19/05/2019, 7:30 pm

    It is frustrating that Pop Cap made such great strides with the April, 30 patch, only to take a step so far back in the May, 7 update that the game is worse than the original 2016 game. I really hope they can fix the issues with the latest patch. Hopefully, Pop Cap are taking a little more time to test internally before releasing the next patch into the wild. I understand it’s still a beta game, but it’s been in beta for over 2 years.

  • Copper, 19/05/2019, 7:52 pm

    Absolutely. I hope it’s fixed soon. I am really looking forward to playing with the new mechanics and physics. It’s an exciting time for fans of snooker games, if Cherry Pop Games don’t fix their game soon, perhaps someone else will release a better alternative. Something to keep an eye on.

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