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Snooker Nation March 2021

For a while I thought this was going to be another white wash month of Snooker Nation, with Jason winning every single match as he did in January. This month however I was able to win 1 match, preventing Jason from running away with a huge lead. Overall the quality of our game has been pretty good, there have even been a couple of opportunities to score a maximum break of 147, something Jason and I have been chasing for quite some time now.

05/03/2021 – Match 120

This week both Jason and I played very well. There were 4 century breaks in total, I scored 100 in the 1st frame, 102 in the 4th frame and a whopping 136 in the 9th frame. Jason secured one of his own of 128 in the 8th frame and, despite me having more century breaks to my name, won the match 6 frames to 5. There was a memorable moment in frame 4 with Jason on the table potting the black which was on the blue spot. He played it with quite some pace so that the cue ball will go into the pack of reds but in doing so pocketed the pink as well as the black. This foul put me on the table and allowed me to almost clear the table with my break of 102.

19/03/2021 – Match 121

The best word I can use to describe this match is ‘flakey’. There were periods where Jason and I played well but then there were some really scrappy frames where we frequently missed easy shots or ran out of position. Overall a pretty disappointing performance but we did manage to bag a century break each. I had 118 in the 4th frame and Jason had 100 in the 10th frame which ultimately won him the match 6 frames to 4.

26/03/2021 – Match 122

Overall the standard of this match was much better than the previous one. The first frame is usually pretty scrappy, probably because we both need some time to settle into the match, but this week it was unusually clean. Following this there were 3 century breaks, Jason scored 120 in the second frame while I scored 132 in the 4th frame and 128 in the 5th frame. While there were no more century breaks beyond the 5th frame, the match continued to be reasonably clean and I was able to claim a 6-4 victory.

Season 4 (January – June 2021) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 10 4 47 17 136
Jason 10 6 52 19 138


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