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Snooker Nation January 2021

When it comes to Snooker Nation, it has been a terrible start to 2021 for me. Of the 3 weeks Jason and I played, Jason won all 3 and ends January with a 6 frame advantage. It is still early in our Snooker Nation season, we have another 5 months to go, but I can’t help but feel a little deflated by the results so far.

08/01/2021 – Match 113

A very good start to Snooker Nation season 4 for Jason, winning 6 frames to 2 in a best of 11. Not only that, Jason scored an impressive 4 centuries, 110 in the 1st frame, 108 in the 5th, another 110 in the 6th and 114 in the 8th frame. My only consolation is that I scored a century of my own, 120 in the 4th frame.

15/01/2021 – Match 114

Another win for Jason, winning 6 frames to 5 in our usual best of 11. There were 2 century breaks, I got 129 in the 6th frame while Jason bagged 107 in the 10th. I really should have won this match as at one stage I had a commanding lead. I guess I shall have to wait a little longer for my first Season 4 victory.

22/01/2021 – Match 115

Jason is able to increase his win streak to 3 matches in a row by beating me 6 frames to 5 again. We both played really well and had quite a few century breaks between us. I had 134 in the 1st frame which is my new high break, followed by 114 in the 3rd and 122 in the 5th frame. Jason responded with 100 in the 2nd frame, 138 in the 6th which is the new high break overall, and 115 in the 10th frame.

Season 4 (January – June 2021) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 3 0 12 5 134
Jason 3 3 18 8 138


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