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Snooker Nation February 2021

February has been a month of two halves in Snooker Nation. While this is a lot better than the disappointing January results, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. I feel like I should have done better towards the end of the month but not for the first time over confidence got the better of me. Here’s to a better outcome in March.

05/02/2021 – Match 116

It feels good to break Jason’s win streak and get my first win this season. We both didn’t play particularly well but I had slightly better luck which was enough for me to win 6 frames to 3 in a best of 11. There were 3 century breaks, I got 133 in the 3rd frame, 107 in the 9th frame and Jason got 103 in the 4 frame. Hopefully I can use this to build some momentum and get a win streak of my own.

12/02/2021 – Match 117

I have started a win streak by winning 6 frames to 4. There were a total of 3 century breaks, I scored 100 in the 4th frame while Jason got 101 in the 6th and 127 in the 7th frame. All in all I think we both played OK, but there were some scrappy frames in there. I hope I can continue this win streak and level on matches won and possibly take the lead on frames won, currently sitting at 24 to 25 in Jason’s favour.

19/02/2021 – Match 118

Jason ends my win streak early, winning 6 frames to 5. At one stage I was ahead 3 frames but somehow, perhaps with over confidence, I could not seal the victory. There were a total of 4 century breaks, I got 107 in the 2nd frame but Jason dominated the second half of this match, scoring 102 in the 7th 112 in the 9th and 106 in the 11th frame. It was a great come back, but I can’t help but feel disappointed.

26/02/2021 – Match 119

Hopefully this is not the beginning of a long win streak for Jason, having won 6 frames to 2. I do not think I played badly, but Jason was certainly the better player this evening. My only consolation is that I got a century of  135 in the 4th frame, beating this season’s personal best by 1. Jason got some centuries of his own, 114 in the 1st, 112 in the 5th and 127 in the 7th frame.

Season 4 (January – June 2021) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 7 2 31 11 135
Jason 7 5 37 16 138


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