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Snooker Nation January 2022

After the first month of Snooker Nation season 6, both Jason and I have won 2 matches each, making this a month of two halves. At the end of the month I managed to score a maximum break of 147 which I am quite proud of and is the first maximum break since season 4 in April 2021. With 5 more months of season 6 ahead of us, there isn’t much point looking at the statistics, but technically January ends with me in the lead by frames won difference.

07/01/2021 – Match 156

It’s been a good start to the month, year and season of Snooker Nation for me, winning 6 frames to 3. That said I am sure Jason would agree that neither of us played particularly well this week with both of us missing relatively easy shots and consistently failing to secure century breaks. Neither of us were especially unlucky, I just think we were both out of practise having not played for a few weeks. Also, we hadn’t spoken for a while and had some catching up to do which always takes priority. There was just 1 century break, 126, which I scored in frame 9.

14/01/2022 – Match 157

Not a good match for Jason who lost 6 frames to 1. I am sure he will not mind me saying that his eye sight, which has never been particularly good, has recently deteriorated and is pending treatment. Because of this I think this is probably one of his worst performances playing Snooker Nation. I didn’t play very well either and missed quite a few shots and made some poor decisions which ordinarily would have cost me frames, perhaps even the match. There was 1 century break of 123 which I scored in frame 3, but I missed the final blue. Had I potted the blue, pink and black I would have scored 141, which is huge. As well as struggling to see, Jason also had a run of bad luck having potted the white ball on at least two occasions. I really hope his luck changes, and more importantly he gets better soon.

21/01/2022 – Match 158

While Jason’s eyesight hasn’t got much better, his luck has certainly changed. We both played reasonably well but I ultimately lost the match 6 frames to 3. There were 3 century breaks in total, I started with 100 in frame 1, Jason followed up with 119 in frame 2 and also scored 105 in frame 8 which could have been 130 if he hadn’t of missed the final green. We should have scored around 6 century breaks between us, Jason had a break of 99 in frame 3 but ran out of position on the final yellow, I also failed to pot the final yellow in frame 6 and in frame 7 Jason couldn’t quite manage a century.

28/01/2022 – Match 159

It turns out to be a month of two halves with Jason winning 6 frames to 4. I am especially disappointed to have lost this match as at one stage I was winning 3 frames to 1, but after scoring a maximum break of 147 in frame 3 I think my concentration started to go down hill. As well as a maximum break in frame 3, I also scored 101 in frame 2 but missed the final red. Jason scored a century of his own of 137 in frame 8, setting a new high break for him. At times we were both playing quite well, but there were some really bad misses and scrappy frames this week, especially frame 6 where both Jason and I kept potting the white ball!

Season 6 ( January – June 2022) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 4 2 19 5 147
Jason 4 2 16 4 137


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