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Snooker Nation November & December 2022

Here marks the end of Snooker Nation season 7 between my friend Jason and me. I win 8 matches to 5 but Jason can hold his head high since he wins the consolation prize of having scored highest break this season . While I am pleased to have won, I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed that we have only played 13 matches in the last 6 months. There are a number of reasons for this, most of which are down to my poor health.

Jason and I have decided to take a break from Snooker Nation, at least for the beginning of next year. It’s not that we no longer like the game but after around 4 years of playing the game, it’s time for something new. Whether we return to playing Snooker Nation or if I will continue to blog about it is unknown. To be honest, Snooker Nation has always featured a bit too much on my blog, but I am proud to have documented our weekly matches and to have kept a record of some stats.

11/11/2022 – Match 184

This week Jason and I found ourselves level with 5 frames each, making it even nicer for me to have won the final frame to win 6-5. There were 4 century breaks, Jason had the lions share of these scoring 115 in frame 1, 109 in frame 5 and 117 in frame 6. I scored the highest century of 120 in frame 8, but it’s bitter sweet since it could have been a maximum break of 147 if I hadn’t of missed the final yellow.

18/11/2022 – Match 185

A much more one sided game this week with me winning 6 frames to 1. I think I would describe this match as ‘unremarkable’ which is highlighted by the fact there was only 1 century break of 107 in frame 3, which I scored. In the same frame however I learned that it is a foul to snooker your opponent when you have a free ball. I would like to think I know the rules of snooker quite well, but this one surprised me.

25/11/2022 – Match 186

Jason had his revenge this week beating me 6 frames to 5. As with match 184 it’s nice to be level with 5 frames each, but it’s no fun losing the final frame after all that effort. Jason scored the only century of 102 in frame 8 but missed the final red. Pretty much all of the other 10 frames were really scrappy with multiple mistakes on both sides. What was funny however is that in frame 5 I was able to get just enough points for a re spot of the black ball. Jason was able to take the first shot and potted the back but then the white ball came back up the table and into one of the corner pockets, giving me the frame.

02/12/2022 – Match 187

Another victory for me, this time winning 6 frames to 2. I scored the only century break which was 117 in frame 4. This sort of highlights that this match was pretty scrappy and neither of us were playing well. There was a couple of funny moments, one being I said ‘now is the time to miss’ in frame 2 just before Jason would have scored enough points to win it. Not only did Jason then miss but I was able to clear the table to pinch the frame. I also pinched the 6th frame after Jason told one of his dad jokes ‘did you hear 50 cent changed his name to half a dollar?’. I can’t stand dad jokes so I couldn’t have been more happy to pinch the frame from him.


Season 7 (August – December 2022) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 13 8 65 23 140
Jason 13 5 50 19 143


Seasons 1 – 7 (June 2019 – December 2022) lifetime statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 149 79 688 192 147 x 7
Jason 149 70 624 207 147 x 3


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