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Snooker Nation November 2021

Ending November with me ahead 11 matches to 7 has put Jason in an almost impossible spot for winning season 5. There are a potential of 5 matches in December, all of which he will need to win. What’s worse is that it’s probable that we may not play 1 or 2 of those matches because they fall on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve where one or both of us will probably have plans to spend time with family. Jason can’t even hope for winning 4 matches and beating me by frames won difference because even if he somehow by a small miracle win every single frame in those 4 matches he would still lose the season by 1 frame.

05/11/2021 – Match 149

It’s become a bit of a mantra these last few months but this match marks another good start to this month of Snooker Nation for me. What’s a little different this time around however is that I managed to win 6 frames to 0. I am not particularly proud of winning this way, it is by no means a reflection of Jason’s ability to play Snooker Nation. Besides, Jason has beaten me in this way on at least 1 occasion, perhaps twice. It’s safe to say nothing was going his way this week, there was an element of bad luck but he also missed a few of his shots, mostly by not putting enough power into the shot leaving the object ball hanging over the pocket. I on the other hand played quite well, in frame 4 I scored a century of 112 points but ran out of position on the final red in 147 break potential. I also scored 102 in frame 3.

12/11/2021 – Match 150

Another good match for me, winning 6 frames to 4. Once again however I missed out on scoring a maximum break of 147, this time in frame 1. Just like last week I scored 112 and ran out of position on the final red which is disappointing to say the least. I would like at least one of us to score a maximum break this season. I scored another 2 centuries, 136 in frame 6 and 107 in frame 7. Jason secured one of his own in frame 8, scoring a massive 142, matching his highest break so far this season. Altogether each frame was fairly smooth apart from the 10th and final frame which was a little scrappy.

19/11/2021 – Match 151

For the most part this was a rather boring match of Snooker Nation, while I managed to win 6 frames to 2, extending my win lead and win streak, I did not manage to score single century break. Jason scored 114 in frame 2 but I think he has started to accept defeat this season and kind of gave up towards the end. With a potential of 6 more matches to play, which could easily end up only being 5, maybe even 4 over the Christmas break, he needs to start winning to have a chance.

26/11/2021 – Match 152

Winning 6 frames to 5 has given me a 5 match win streak and means that I have won every match this November. For the most part we both played reasonably well, other than frame 1 and 2 being slightly scrappy. What bothers me however is that for the second match in a row I have failed to score a century break. Jason on the other hand secured 135 in frame 8 and 110 in frame 9. It’s now safe to say Jason will in all likelihood lose season 5 of Snooker Nation but the statistics are showing that he is much more likely than me to get a century when he wins a frame.

Season 5 (July – December 2021) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 18 11 96 31 144
Jason 18 7 71 29 142


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