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Snooker Nation December 2021

Snooker Nation December 2021 marks the end of Season 5 with me as the victor, winning 12 matches to 9. I also have the highest break for the season of 144 but is a bit of a sore point because on no less than 3 occasions I was close to scoring a maximum break of 147 but failed to get position on the final red. Although I won 21 more frames than Jason this season, Jason scored 3 more centuries than I did which makes it quite clear that he is much more likely to score a century than I am. This is also highlighted in the lifetime statistics of seasons 1 – 5.

03/12/2021 – Match 153

For a change it has been a bad start to the month of Snooker Nation for me with Jason beating me 6 frames to 3, ending my 5 match win streak and keeping him in with a chance to win the season. What’s worse is that once again I have failed to score any century breaks. Jason on the other hand scored 5 century breaks which I believe is a first, I do not recall either Jason or I scoring 5 century breaks in a single match before. He scored 117 in frame 1, 135 in frame 2, 124 in frame 4, another 135 in frame 5 and a massive 140 in frame 8. It would have been 6 century breaks but he missed a shot on the final red while on a break of 92 in the final frame. I felt quite unlucky because on at least 3 occasions I somehow managed to pot the wrong colour ball as well as the object ball in the early stages of 3 frames, effectively handing them over to Jason to win. It would be wrong of me to suggest my loss was all due to bad luck alone, Jason played very well and fully deserved the win.

10/12/2021 – Match 154

Jason continues to hang on this season by winning 6 frames to 2. Thankfully I managed to scored 2 century breaks, 115 in frame 2 and 112 in frame 6, this is after 3 weeks without scoring a single century. Jason on the hand scored 107 in frame 3, 117 in frame 5 and 116 in frame 8. Jason could have scored 145 in frame 8, which would have made a new season highest break but he managed to snooker himself on the final green. For the most part we played well, on this occasion however my safety play was somewhat lacking.

17/12/2021 – Match 155

This match marks the end of Snooker Nation season 5 between Jason and I. In part because I won 6 frames to 3, making it impossible for Jason to win the season and in part because we have agreed not to play the next two matches on account of them falling on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. It was a good match to end on, with a total of 5 century breaks between us. I scored 109 in frame 3, another 109 in frame 5 and 131 in frame 8 leaving Jason with 139 in frame 2 and 123 in frame 7. In frame 6 there was some last minute safety play with just 2 red on the table which is pretty unusual, however the only arguably bad frame was 9th and final frame of the season, which saw both of us miss some fairly simple shots.

Season 5 (July – December 2021) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 21 12 107 36 144
Jason 21 9 86 39 142


Seasons 1 – 5 (June 2019 – December 2021) lifetime statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 118 61 534 139 147 x 5
Jason 118 57 503 166 147 x 2


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