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WCS Global Finals

WCS 2018 Global Finals

As part of Blizzcon, the Starcraft 2 WCS (World Championship Series) finals take place. This year was a little special as it marks 20 years of Starcraft. Spoiler alert for those who do not want to know the result of the 2018 finals.

It was a great tournament with many excellent games. The highlight of the tournament of course was the winner, Serral (Joona Sotala). Korean players have dominated Starcraft (and just about every other game) for 20 years. Serral, a young man from Pornainen, Finland is the first player outside of Korea who has been crowned as the best Starcraft 2 player in the world. I have been part of the Starcraft community for all 20 years and to be honest, I feel a little emotional. To see someone outside of Korea perform so well and achieve so much with this beautiful game, is nothing short of amazing. If you would like to learn more about this inspirational young man I suggest you take a look at the Youtube video below.

Serral completely outplayed his opponent, Stats (Dae Yeob) and defeated him 4 games to 2. I am so inspired by Serral after his year of Starcraft that despite my ladder anxiety I will make the time and play some Starcraft games. If there are any readers who would like to play Starcraft with me, even if only to play the co-op commander mode, please contact me.

It was a shame to see that at this years Blizzcon the production seemed to have scaled back just a little. In previous years the stage would be dynamic and change depending on the race each player is playing. Don’t get me wrong, the production was still top quality, I just miss that little extra edge that has spoilt me in previous years. As always the casters were amazing, it is especially good to hear Artosis and Tasteless casting in a more reasonable time zone.

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