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Snooker Nation September & October 2022

This is my first 2 monthly Snooker Nation post, which is just as well because for 3 out of 4 potential matches in October I have been unable to play. I have decided that reducing my Snooker Nation posts from once a month to once every 2 months will be better for my blog. I have ended October with a decent 6-3 lead, but there is still much to play for with a potential of 9 more matches ahead.

02/09/2022 – Match 177

While it is true I won this match 6 frames to 3, it’s hard to be pleased about it. I think both Jason and I played terribly, especially at the start. The one century break I got of 104 in frame 4 which ended with me missing the final colour before clearing up, denying myself a potential break of 138. In fairness to Jason, he was at one stage 5-0 down but he managed to win 3 frames which include a really nice 143 in frame 7 and a respectable 136 in frame 8. Honestly, I don’t know if it was because I was tired or because of how badly I was playing, but I was relieved when the match was over.

09/09/2022 – Match 178

My performance improved quite a bit when compared to the match last week. I won 6 frames to 1 and scored 3 century breaks, 128 in frame 2, 140 in frame 3 and 101 in frame 6 but missed the final red, denying myself a potential break of 136. I was on track to score a maximum break of 147 in frame 1 but missed the black with 3 reds on the table. Despite the score line I don’t think Jason played particularly badly other than some questionable safety shots. I think I just played well and didn’t give many opportunities.

16/09/2022 – Match 179

For a while Jason wasn’t missing anything and I thought I might lose, but as luck would have it I was saved by a burger and won 6 frames to 4. Around half way in to the match Jason’s wife gave him a burger which I believed provided sufficient distraction to be the cause of some poor shots, allowing me to win 2 or 3 frames I might not have ordinarily won. Jason scored 3 century breaks, 137 in frame 1 and 139 in frame 3 which could have been 146 if he hadn’t of missed the final black. Then his burger showed up and he didn’t score another century until frame 9 (after he had consumed it). During burger consumption I managed 2 centuries of my own, 116 in frame 4 and 108 in frame 8.

23/09/2022 – Match 180

Finally Jason has broken my win streak winning 6 frames to 3. For the most part Jason was playing really well and wasn’t missing many pots. The result could easily have been 6-1 but I managed to pinch frame 7 and 8 which were pretty scrappy to say the least. There were 4 century breaks in total, I scored 105 in frame 1 where as Jason scored 127 in frame 2, 114 in frame 3 and 107 in frame 6 which could have been 134 if he didn’t miss the final yellow. The one thing which stands out for me in this match is that in frame 2 the black ball somehow flew off the table. With over 500 hours play time I didn’t know this was even possible in Snooker Nation.

30/09/2022 – Match 181

Because of good conversation our game started rather late today. I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to win 6 frames to 3. Just as well really, if we played the full 11 frames we might have finished around 4am. What didn’t help was my connection to steam briefly cut out twice during the 6th frame. After the second time I couldn’t get steam to work and needed to restart my computer. There were 3 century breaks in total, Jason scored 131 in frame 4 and I scored 106 in frame 5 and 135 in our twice belated frame 6. I don’t think Jason will mind me saying that his safety game wasn’t very good in this match, giving me numerous opportunities to score. Hopefully it will be better next time.

07/10/2022 – Match 182

Winning 6 frames to 1, this is a result Jason needed. I scored 107 in frame 1 but missed the final brown, from then on I just couldn’t win another frame. Jason scored 3 century breaks, 115 in frame 3, 110 in frame 6 and 105 in frame 7. The other frames were pretty scrappy, we both made quite a few mistakes but Jason managed to secure them. It’s interesting to note in frame 6 before Jason cleared the table to win, he successfully snookered me behind the yellow ball which was pretty close to the baulk cushion. What’s worse is that he used 2 cushions to do it which is quite unusual in our games and meant that there was no clear escape for me and it took several tries for me to hit a red without fouling.

Season 7 (August – December 2022) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 9 6 43 19 140
Jason 9 3 35 16 143


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