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Snooker Nation September 2021

It’s been a rather short month of Snooker Nation. I have not been feeling well this month and because Jason and I currently live in different continents with different time zones, I have been forced to cancel some of our weekly games. Both of us have been playing well and are making few mistakes, we are however both still chasing a maximum break of 147 for season 5 and we seem to be just falling short of century breaks quite often.

03/09/2021 – Match 142

Once again it has been a good start to the month for me in terms of Snooker Nation, winning 6 frames to 2. Jason and I have noticed that for this season when I win it always seems to be 6-2 but when Jason wins it always seems to be 6-5. It’s a bit of a strange coincidence but it does mean my frames won difference is quite high and naturally therefore my centuries difference is high. Ultimately of course these statistics do not matter unless we tie the season in matches won. There were 5 century breaks in total this match, I scored 4 in a row, 117 in frame 1 followed by 101, 112 and a 142 which levels me with Jason’s high break the season so far. Jason scored 107 in the 6th frame so he can at least walk away holding his head high.

24/09/2021 – Match 143

I am disappointed to have lost this match 6 frames to 3, I have been leading in matches won this season for some time now but Jason refuses to let me run up a significant lead. There were 3 century breaks, Jason scored 138 in the 4th frame and 113 in the 8th frame. Coincidentally I also scored 138 in the 5th frame. Each frame was smooth, neither of us played badly, the exception might be in the final frame where Jason was able the pinch the frame after I missed a relatively easy shot. While I am disappointed to have lost, I am happy the mantra of winning 6-2 or losing 6-5 has ended.

Season 5 (July – December 2021) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 9 5 48 17 142
Jason 9 4 36 12 142


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