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Snooker Nation October 2021

This month of Snooker Nation started and ended well for me, but the lions share of the matches were won by Jason. At one stage Jason even claimed the lead for the first time in quite a while. While I finish October still technically in the lead by frames won difference, there is still a lot to play for.

01/10/2021 – Match 144

Yet again another good start to the month of Snooker Nation for me, winning 6 frames to 3. While it would be unfair to suggest either Jason or I played poorly in this match, I would say it has been one of the more scrappy matches we have had this season. There were several mistakes made in frame 2 and frame 7, but frame 5 was pretty shocking with both of us missing shots and running out of position numerous times. Other than that however, we played relatively well and secured 4 centuries between us. I scored 112 in frame 1, 131 in frame 8 and 129 in the final frame. Jason scored 115 in frame 4 but sadly missed an opportunity to score 140.

08/10/2021 – Match 145

Once again I am unable to build up a win streak or a comfortable lead. Jason wins this match 6 frames to 4 but I did at least score more centuries and set a new season high score of 144 in frame 2 after Jason scored 133 in frame 1. I also scored 104 in frame 5. All in all we both played quite well. I must admit towards the end of the match I was feeling pretty tired and making some foolish decisions and errors. Twice I played a cannon into the pink and reds off of the blue and both times I accidentally pocketed a red. Playing this shot can be a good way to break up the pack of reds but there is always the risk of potting another ball. Both times I should have played it with a little bit of top spin and a lot less power to reduce the risk of fouling, but for whatever reason I decided to chance it and played it with near enough full power.

15/10/2021 – Match 146

Jason has managed to equalize matches won by winning 6 frames to 4. While altogether it wasn’t a bad match, for me it is highlighted by some pretty bad misses. Also, in frame 8, after I had worked hard to level to score for a black ball re-spot, not only did I miss it I also pocketed the white, handing Jason back the frame. It was pretty funny at the time but at the same time I could not help but be disappointed. There were 4 century breaks in total, I scored 126 in frame 3 and 120 in frame 6 while Jason had 107 in frame 4 and 116 in frame 7. It could have easily been 6 centuries between us but both Jason and I narrowly missed century opportunities.

22/10/2021 – Match 147

For the first time in what seems a long time Jason has taken the lead, winning the match 6 frames to 4. There were a total of 4 century breaks, I scored 136 in frame 4 however Jason scored the other 3, 108 in frame 7, 131 in frame 8 and 100 in frame 10. Jason played really well, there could have easily been 3 more century breaks in frames 2, 3 and 6 making this a well deserved victory for him. I really must do better if I want to win this season.

29/10/2021 – Match 148

After losing 3 weeks in a row and Jason taking the lead, I am relieved to have won this week 6 frames to 3. Technically I finish October in the lead on frame difference, but as Jason reminded me, it doesn’t count for much with another 2 months to the season. All in all this match was a little bit sloppy with both of us missing some relatively easy shots. There was an element of bad fortune on both sides, Jason was particularly annoyed after potting the white off of potting the yellow towards the end of the match. There were 3 century breaks, I scored 122 in frame 5 after fluking a red and Jason scored 138 in frame 2 and 105 in frame 7.

Season 5 (July – December 2021) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 14 7 72 26 144
Jason 14 7 60 25 142


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