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Snooker Nation September 2019

For the first time, after over 240 hours of play time, I scored a maximum break of 147 and I am absolutely delighted. Despite this however, Jason has secured a three week win streak and has started to make an excellent come back.

06/09/2019 – Match 47

Jason bagged his second win of our Snooker Nation season, winning 5 frames to 4 in a best of 9. There were four century breaks this week, Jason scored 118 in the 5th frame to which I responded with 110 in the 6th, 126 in the 7th and 105 in the 8th. After 4 frames with century breaks, the 9th and final frame was almost comical, with both of us making horrible mistakes. On two or three occasions I thought I was going to win but somehow I fumbled enough times to give Jason the frame and match.

15/09/2019 – Match 48

We did it! In the second frame of this weeks Snooker Nation match I scored a break of 147, the highest possible in the game of Snooker. During the break, Jason was supportive and tried to make suggestions after the frame had been won. After potting about 7 or 8 reds with blacks I remember saying to him that things were getting a little scary because I was on such a good roll. Towards the end of the frame I was concentrating so hard that the most simple shots were taking me quite a while. Suffice to say I was elated and so happy to share the experience with my friend. I couldn’t really settle down for the rest of the match and Jason punished me for it, winning 5 frames to 3 in a best of 9. Any century is good so it would be wrong not to give credit to Jason who just about scored a century in the 7th frame.

27/09/2019 – Match 49

White wash! Jason continues his win streak by winning 5-0 in a best of 9. I played very poorly this week and missed a lot of opportunities. Jason played well and even got a new high break of a 136 in the 3rd frame and followed it up with 109 in the 4th frame.

Season 1 (July – December 2019) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 11 7 39 11 147
Jason 11 4 35 10 136


  • Jason Lewis, 29/09/2019, 9:35 pm

    It was a good few weeks for me, hoping I can close in further over the next four weeks. To give you a run for your money for the inaugural season victory. Although beating that 147 will be a tough ask. It’s a shame that Snooker Nation did not give you the Steam achievement for the 147 as it was an online game.

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