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Snooker Nation August 2022

Ordinarily each Snooker Nation season between Jason and I will last 6 months and run from January – June then July – December. Because I was still in a semi state of recovery in July however, we decided that for this season we will start in August and finish in December.

Having won 2 out 3 of the matches we played this month I am quite pleased with how season 7 has started, especially with the final match of the month winning 6-1. But I think the highlight this month has been me reciting a very odd and vivid dream I had, potentially putting both Jason and I off our game in match 175.

05/08/2022 – Match 174

Being the first official match of season 7 this is a really good start for Jason winning 6 frames to 3. I am finding hard to decide whether we played well or badly, about half of the frames were scrappy with both of us missing relatively easy shots or running out of position. I also made 2 or 3 really bad decisions which probably cost me the match in the end. On the other hand we got 4 century breaks between us, Jason scored a respectable 131 in frame 9 and 119 in frame 7. I scored 109 in frame 4 after an incredibly fluky shot on the second to last red. After I had failed to split the remaining reds and effectively ran out of position I tried the old hit and hope shot, miraculously it worked. I also scored 105 in frame 5 but missed the final green, denying me a potential break of 130.

12/08/2022 – Match 175

Winning 6 frames to 5 gives me my first win of the season. This match largely reminds me of last week, where some frames we played quite well but others quite badly. I scored 3 century breaks, 100 in frame 1 but missed the final yellow, 111 in frame 7 but ran out of position on the final yellow and 133 in frame 11. Jason only scored 1 century break but it is a superior one of 138 in frame 5 and is the new highest break of the season. For frames 2, 3 and 4 I think we were both distracted when I was telling Jason about a dream I had which featured him as a sentient self drinking pint of beer.

19/08/2022 – Match 176

This has turned out to be a very convincing win for me, winning 6 frames to 1. Of the 6 frames I won I scored 4 century breaks, 118 in frame 1, 138 in frame 3, 118 in frame 4 but missed the final blue and 100 in frame 5, missing the final red. I am sure Jason will not mind me saying that he really didn’t play well, having said that Jason was on track to score a maximum break of 147 in frame 6, but ran out of position with 3 reds remaining and couldn’t quite secure a century. I on the other hand probably played one of my best Snooker Nation matches so far which I hope to replicate in the weeks and months ahead.

Season 7 (August – December 2022) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 3 2 15 9 138
Jason 3 1 12 3 138


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