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Snooker Nation July 2021

The first month of Snooker Nation season 5 between my good friend Jason and I started and ended well for me, but I still find myself level on matches won. Technically I am in the lead with frames won, however it’s much too early to be seriously considering that with 5 months and a potential of 22 more matches to play. Altogether the quality of play has been quite high with very few scrappy frames. It seems that for the most part the player who makes the first pot will secure the frame, making safety shots more paramount than ever.

09/07/2021 – Match 135

This has been an excellent start to my Snooker Nation season 5 campaign, winning 6 frames to 1. I scored two century breaks, 135 in the 1st frame and 131 in the 4th frame. Heartbreakingly however I was well on track to score 147 in frame 1 but missed the black with just 2 reds on the table. There was a similar situation for Jason in frame 6, who missed the final red of a potential break of 147 and ultimacy scored 112, which is better than nothing. I feel like I played very well and took advantage of most of the opportunities presented to me, Jason however commented that he didn’t feel like he played well and that this was possibly his worst Snooker Nation performance. I can’t argue with how Jason felt, but from my point of view he just had a scrappy safety game this week.

16/07/2021 – Match 136

Not such a good match for me this week, losing 6 frames to 5. It was a match of two halves really with me leading 3-0 at one stage. Interestingly in the 1st frame I won by a re-spot of the black. This is when both players score the same amount of points and there are no more balls on the table to pot. Since both Jason and I had 67 points each, the black was put back on its spot and I was able to pot it to claim the frame. There were 4 century breaks, I scored 118 in the second frame but Jason scored the remaining 3, 130 in the 7th frame, 126 in the the 8th and another 130 in the 10th frame. Altogether we both played fairly well, the only scrappy frame was the final frame where we both choked and missed some relatively easy shots.

23/07/2021 – Match 137

Once again I have failed to keep an early lead and lost 6 frames to 5. There were 4 century breaks, I scored 128 in the 2nd frame and 102 in the 7th frame while Jason scored 126 in the 5th frame and 133 in the 6th frame which is now his highest break so far this season. There were some somewhat scrappy frames with both of us missing some easy shots or running out of position. I am sure Jason will agree some of his safety shots were lacking and that we were both, at times, pretty unlucky. I thought that I would win the final frame but somehow missed an easy, straight forward green. I must have played that shot 50 times before and not missed. That’s the thing with Snooker Nation, when you’re up against it you can start to second guess yourself and make terrible mistakes.

30/07/2021 – Match 138

A nice end to the first month of Snooker Nation season 5 for me, winning 6 frames to 4. The whole match was quite smooth with no real scrappy frames to speak of. That said there was only 1 century break ofย  131 in the 3rd frame which belongs to me. In the frames that followed, several times both Jason and I came close to scoring century breaks, scoring 80+ points on multiple occasions, but for one reason or other we couldn’t quite do enough.

Season 5 (July โ€“ December 2021) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 4 2 22 7 135
Jason 4 2 17 6 133


  • Jason Lewis, 02/08/2021, 3:48 pm

    An accurate assessment of the first month of Snooker Nation, season 5, I’m looking forward to the next five months of battle, oh and just one more thing “I really need to tighten up my safety game”. ๐Ÿ˜›

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