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Snooker Nation July 2020

The end of the first Season 3 month sees Jason and I level on games won, however, I have fallen short on frames won and number of centuries. These should not matter too much, but given how close it was last season, I have learned that every frame and every century could count in the long run.

03/07/2020 – Match 90

After a tense end to the second season of Snooker Nation, having lost it not by matches won or frames won but number of centuries, it was nice to start season 3 with a clean slate and no pressure. Jason did well and won the match 6 frames to 1 in a best of 11 while picking up the only century break of 117 in the 4th frame. I am a little disappointed that I lost, but since it’s the start of the season, there will be many more opportunities.

10/07/2020 – Match 91

I played much better this week, winning 6 frames to 3 in a best of 11. I got my first century break of the season of 108 in the 1st frame, however Jason got 2, 106 in the 2nd frame and a massive 139 in the 5th. Hopefully this is the beginning of a win streak.

17/07/2020 – Match 92

Snooker Nation was incredibly buggy this week. Over the years I have found that every 4 or 5 matches or so the game crashes during one of our frames. This week however, it crashed at least 3 times and always when Jason was at the table. We resorted to me hosting the match, which seemed to stop the crashing. I felt bad for Jason, while I tried to play fair, and gave him back the advantage, it must really suck to have the game crash when you’re well on the way to winning the frame. Ultimately I won 6 frames to 5, but I am not sure I deserved it. There were two century breaks, 133 in the 1st frame belonging to me and 119 in the 3rd frame belonging to Jason.

31/07/2020 – Match 93

To end the month Jason claimed victory 6 frames to 3 in a best of 11. At one point however it was looking like it could be a complete white wash for me with Jason leading 5 frames to 0. As such, I am pleased to have clawed back 3 frames so that I could at least hold my head high. There were 3 century breaks, 113 in the 3rd frame and 131 in the 5th belonging to Jason, while I got an almost last minute 103 in the 8th frame.

Season 3 (July – December 2020) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 4 2 16 3 133
Jason 4 2 20 6 139


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