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Snooker Nation June 2021

Defeat. Jason has won Snooker Nation season 4 by winning 12 matches to my 10. However, having won the final match of the season and held on to the highest break of 147, I feel as though I can still hold my head high. As before with the end of season 3, I have combined all of the season statistics together for the last two years. It’s astonishing to me that we have played close to 850 frames across nearly 100 matches, have scored 230 century breaks and have had 7 maximum breaks of 147 between us.

04/06/2021 – Match 131

I need to win every match this month to win the 4th season of Snooker Nation against my friend Jason. I start well by winning this match 6 frames to 2 and scored the only century break of 121 in the 2nd frame. I could have easily scored another century but in one frame I missed the final green with a break of 99. Overall the frames were quite smooth and we both played reasonably well, there were however some elements of bad luck but in equal measure. After I missed a pot Jason potted a red and black putting me back on the table to win the 1st frame. Later, in the 7th frame, I potted the white ball as well as a red ball, on that occasion however, I was able to narrowly win the frame when Jason missed one of the last balls he needed.

11/06/2021 – Match 132

While this match started well for me, from frame 6 it fell apart. I scored my only century of the match of 122 in the 2nd frame and everything was going quite well until Jason made a mockery of me, scoring 4 centuries in the final 6 frames to win the match 6 frames to 5. In the 6th frame Jason scored 105, followed by 109 in the 8th, 124 in the 9th and 118 in the 11th frames. Losing this match has made it much more difficult to win the season, I now need to win the next two matches and somehow come ahead in number of frames won.

18/06/2021 – Match 133

In order to stay in the run for a Snooker Nation season 4 victory I needed to win this match as convincingly as possible. However, try as I might, I was unable to succeed and Jason won 6 frames to 5 claiming the season 4 title. There were 3 century breaks, 116 in the 4th frame, 106 in the 7th frame and 109 in the 10th frame all belonging to Jason. Although I didn’t score any century breaks and ultimately lost the match, I didn’t play too badly. I narrowly missed a century in the 3rd frame but fumbled the final red. I also came close on the 9th frame but ran out of position on the final yellow. Next week will be the final Snooker Nation match for season 4, and while it is impossible for me to win the season, I will be playing for pride.

25/06/2021 – Match 134

Regardless of the result of this match, it wouldn’t be possible for me to win this season of Snooker Nation, but I played for pride and to end the season on a high note, which I succeeded by winning 6 frames to 5. Overall the match was pretty clean and smooth, the only scrappy frame was frame 6 after I played a ‘lottery’ shot by hitting the pack of reds hard to try and fluke one in. I scored two centuries, 138 in the second frame and 137 in the fifth. Jason had a century of his own of 119 in the 8th frame bringing his total century breaks to 37 this season but he was unable to match my highest break of 147.

Season 4 (January – June 2021) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 22 10 103 31 147
Jason 22 12 110 37 141


Seasons 1 – 4 (June 2019 – June 2021) lifetime statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 97 49 427 103 147 x 5
Jason 97 48 417 127 147 x 2


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