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Snooker Nation April 2022

This has been an altogether disappointing month of Snooker Nation, at least for me. There have been so many missed opportunities for both Jason and I to score century breaks but, for whatever reason, we haven’t been able to secure many of them. For two matches we didn’t score a century at all and none of the matches this month have been close. With the exception of the first match this month, which I lost 6-2, the score has been 6-1 to either me or Jason, which doesn’t make it very exciting.

01/04/2022 – Match 165

A convincing win for Jason who won 6 frames to 2. I managed to score 109 in frame 5 but missed the final brown, denying me a possible break of 131. Jason had a century break of his own of 104 in frame 1 but I thought both of us played quite badly and should have done better. At times we were both either lucky or unlucky but neither of us took full advantage of the situation. The final 2 or 3 frames in particular were really scrappy which is a shame because I know we can do better.

15/04/2022 – Match 166

Although I won this match 6 frames to 1, it’s hard not to be disappointed that neither Jason or I could score a century break. There were numerous opportunities for me in several frames, but either I missed a pot or ran out of position on one of the final reds. Jason nearly scored a century with a break of 99 in frame 5 after I missed a relatively easy blue, but there just wasn’t enough points left on the table. We both weren’t playing particularly well this week, hopefully we will start playing better soon. One thing I should mention is that Jason demonstrated a good sense of fair play. During my break at the table the game crashed and forced us to restart the game. This is incredibly frustrating and off putting but Jason did at least give me the advantage once we restarted. He did this by making sure I had a clear pot rather than playing it safe from the offset. This is something I have done for Jason several times in the past and while this isn’t perfect it’s the best that can be done in that situation.

22/04/2022 – Match 167

Yet again a match without a century. This time however it’s Jason who won the match 6 frames to 1. For almost the whole match I played terribly, bad safety shots, missing pots and taking unnecessary risks. At one point I was down 5 frames to 0 so I should probably be happy that I didn’t lose 6-0. Jason didn’t play too badly, but not well enough to deny me numerous opportunities in most frames. I feel I was generally unlucky as well, but that doesn’t excuse how badly I was playing. I really hope I can end the month on a high note.

29/04/2022 – Match 168

I got my wish by ending the month on a high note and won 6 frames to 1, which seems to be a recurring theme recently. I also scored a century, 122 in frame 3 which could have been 135 if I hadn’t of missed the final pink. I also missed the final green in frame 1, the final red in frame 2 and final red in frame 6 denying me 3 century opportunities. While I don’t feel like I played quite as badly as last week, I am disappointed that I didn’t score higher breaks when I had the opportunity.

Season 6 ( January – June 2022) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 13 6 60 19 147 x 2
Jason 13 7 54 12 147


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