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Snooker Nation May 2021

Having lost 2 of 3 Snooker Nation matches this month, I find myself on the back foot entering the final month of season 4. There are a potential of 4 matches in June, all of which I will need to win to guarantee victory. If I lose 1 match I will need to try and win on frames won of which I am 10 frames behind. If I lose 2 matches there will be no way for me to win. It’s safe to say the odds are not in my favour, but I will try my best.

08/05/2021 – Match 128

I can’t help but feel disappointed with my performance in this match, especially in Frame 3 where I attempted a silly shot early on without even looking at it properly which Jason used to punish me by clearing the table and scoring 141. This was the only terrible shot I remember, but I did get unlucky at times, one example of this was that I potted a red and black in frame 5 which Jason went on to win. It looked like I might have suffered a white wash but in frame 6 I managed to a break of 114 and then 105 in frame 7. As well as 141 in frame 3 Jason scored 113 in frame 2 and finished the match with 139 in frame 8, winning 6 frames to 2.

21/05/2021 – Match 129

A pretty good match for me winning 6 frames to 3 and ending Jason’s win streak. For the most part each frame was smooth, annoyingly I ran out of position on the 1st frame with a break of 96, narrowly missing a century with 2 reds on the table. I also missed a century in the 8th frame when I ran out of position on the final yellow. The only scrappy frame was the 2nd where both Jason and I missing an easy shot each, but it wasn’t too bad. In the following frames Jason got pretty unlucky on at least 3 occasions, the worst being when Jason potted a red and the blue when the pink ball hit and deflected it. Because of my narrowly missed centuries I only bagged one of 128 in frame 4, where as Jason secured 129 in frame 3 and 112 in frame 7.

28/05/2021 – Match 130

Almost every frame this week could be described as scrappy. Both Jason and I didn’t play very well and each missed multiple easy shots. For every shot Jason missed however, I must have missed 2 or 3 and as such Jason won 6 frames to 1. There was 1 century break for Jason in frame 2 of 111 which is the only frame I could describe as being smooth. It’s not that either of us were unlucky this week, it’s just we played poorly. I am not sure if I even got a break higher than 50, which really is rock bottom.

Season 4 (January – June 2021) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 18 8 81 27 147
Jason 18 10 91 29 141


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