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Diablo III Season 17 Start

Diablo III Season 17 Start

Last Friday Season 17 started for Diablo III and I got started straight away. This time however I am playing the hardcore mode, something I really liked in Diablo II.

For those of you who do not know about hardcore in dungeon crawler games such as Diablo, Path of Exile and Torchlight, it’s a where if your character dies, it will not be resurrected. You will permanently lose your character and the equipped items. For some this makes the game more fun, giving a sense of risk, something to lose if your character dies. Other than that the game is no harder or different, but you must be careful not to let your concentration slip or get too over confident.

While watching WCS Spring 2019 I levelled up a Demon Hunter to level 70 which is the highest level obtainable in Diablo III. At the time of writing this, I also have a very modest paragon level of 15.

Hardcore Demon Hunter

This is an ideal start to my season 17 and I will be looking to increase the paragon level, get some nice items, and hopefully achieve a reasonable greater rift level before either dying or stopping for the season.

I have traditionally played wizard in Diablo III to date. I have a feeling it will be fun to get to know the Demon Hunter class better and come up with some cool and effective ways to play.

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