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StarCraft 2 2022 Season 1 Ladder

StarCraft 2 2022 Season 1 1v1 Ladder

It’s been about 3 years since I have played StarCraft 2, which I can partially prove with the below screenshot of my match history. As you can see other than 3 vs AI games 5 or 6 months ago (I must have been really bored that day), there were no games for 3 years until about 2 weeks ago. After watching some StarCraft on the streaming platform, I decided to give the end of season 1 for 2022 a go, despite having ‘ladder anxiety’.

StarCraft 2 Match History

After winning 2 of my 5 placement matches as a random race player (playing either the Terran, Protoss or Zerg race at random), the game placed me in a low platinum division where I ended up playing a total of 48 games. Actually it’s more like 40 games because 4 times my opponent left the game straight away (I don’t really understand why people do that) and so in an effort to be fair I joined and left a game straight after. I don’t like the idea of my match rating or ladder points being inflated by people doing this, but maybe I am making it worse? I don’t know, the whole thing seems silly to me. Regardless of this I am happy to have played 40 games, of which I won 18 and acquired 588 ladder points.

StarCraft 2 2022 Season 1 1v1 Division

Although I finished the season in a platinum division, after losing more games than than I won, my match rating (2636) was only good enough to be placed in a gold division, which is where I am right now. Honestly, playing 40 games in 2 weeks is a minor miracle for me, even if they all resulted in a loss I would probably still be happy with it, considering my mental health problems. I feel like these results have given me something to aim for in season 2 this year. To try and motivate me I have decided to follow and support 1 or 2 Twitch streamers who play StarCraft 2. Especially as I have noticed that streamers of StarCraft 2 don’t see a lot of support compared with some other games. So far I have found Dannie, who was streaming StarCraft 2 earlier today. She plays a few other games but that’s OK, she seems really nice and has already given me some advise on how to improve.

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