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Snooker Nation Week 27

Another weekend, another game of Snooker Nation with my friend Jason. This week I won 5 frames to 3 in a best of 9 which means the curse of losing best of 9 matches still continues for Jason.

This week there were two century breaks, I managed to score 135 in frame 6 while Jason got 108 in frame 7. I think overall I got quite lucky, there were numerous frames where Jason had a lead but either ran out of position or simply missed a shot giving me opportunities to pinch more than 1 frame.

After our game, Jason found that Snooker Nation has online leader boards and to my surprise, I rank 9th for online wins. Other statistical data tells me I have had 17,460 total shots to date. I guess this shows just how much Snooker Nation I have played over the years.

Snooker Nation Leader Board

To be honest, I question how accurate this data is, but it was surprising to see. I will be keeping this screen in mind in future, I am, after all, only 2 wins away from joint 8th!

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