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KSP: Final Update

KSP: Final Update

Over the past week I have made more progress playing Kerbal Space Program (KSP). This will however be my last update and I will no longer be reaching the stars with my green Kerbal friends. At least not for a while. I feel like I have been playing sandbox games a little too much recently. I have plans to sit down and complete some different, more linear games from start to finish in the coming weeks.

I feel like I have completely conquered orbiting and landing on Mun and Minmus, the two Kerbin (Earth) moons. While my landings have not always been gentle, I consistently get the job done.

Kerbal Space Program Mun Craters

With all the science collected from these two moons, I have been able to unlock a lot of space ship parts and components in career mode. With this I have created a probe and have broken Kerbin orbit completely and have entered an orbit around the Sun. From there I have been able to enter a stable orbit of Duna, a Mars like planet with what appears to possibly have frozen water on its poles.

Kerbal Space Program Duna Orbit

I am extremely pleased with my KSP career, especially as I achieved all of this with no help and have designed my own space crafts. Reaching another planet and achieving orbit with a probe far outweighs previous accomplishments. If, one day, I return to KSP, perhaps I can go further and land on Duna or more distant planet.

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