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Snooker Nation February 2022

Because of sickness on my part Jason and I only played 2 of a potential of 4 matches this month. Perhaps it is just as well since Jason required treatment which might have impaired his vision. We end February equal having won 3 matches each but what makes a change is that I have more century breaks than Jason so far this season. Perhaps I am playing better than usual.

11/02/2022 – Match 160

While I feel like I played fairly well, Jason must have played better by winning this match 6 frames to 4. In frame 2 I decided to try and practise hitting the pack of reds off of 2 cushions. The idea is that in Snooker Nation you’re shown the trajectory of the cue ball after it hits either the first ball or cushion, after that it’s down to the player to try and predict. After missing the pack of reds, which is a foul, Jason is able to make me re-take the shot. The second time I got close, but still missed and Jason made me re-take the shot again. I know that there is a rule whereby if you miss 3 times in a row when not snookered (nothing is in the line of sight of the cue ball and object ball) you for forfeit the frame. I was so confident that I played the same shot again and, while it was close, I still missed and lost the frame. I think in the history of Snooker Nation between Jason and myself it is the first time one of us has forfeit a frame. Other than that there were 5 century breaks in total, I scored 144 in frame 3, 114 in frame 4 but missed the final yellow and 111 in frame 7 but once again missed the final yellow. Jason had 104 in frame 6 and finished with 117 in frame 10.

18/02/2022 – Match 161

I have to say the first frame of this match was awful, both Jason and I missed easy shots, had bad positional play and I managed to screw up safety shots. Thankfully this wasn’t a sign of what was to come and I won 6 frames to 3. I scored the only centuries of the match, 123 in frame 2 and 110 in frame 8. I would have scored a century in frame 9 but got a bit unlucky by potting the white ball.

Season 6 ( January – June 2022) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 6 3 29 10 147
Jason 6 3 25 6 137


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