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Snooker Nation February 2020

February’s Snooker Nation has been a month of two halves which, from my point of view, is a much better result than last month where I lost 3 out of 4 matches.

07/02/2020 – Match 66

After winning my first Snooker Nation match of the year last week, I had hoped that I could build a win streak. Jason however had other plans and beat me 6 frames to 2 in a best of 11. There were no century breaks this week, which only serves to add to my disappointment.

14/02/2020 – Match 67

Close, but no cigar, Jason wins again beating me 6 frames to 5 in a best of 11. Unlike last week however, there were a total of 4 century breaks. Jason had 103 in the 3rd frame, 124 in the 10th and 106 in the 11th frame. I just about got one of my own of 101 in the 9th frame.

21/02/2020 – Match 68

Success! I claimed my second win of the season winning 6 frames to 5 in another best of 11. I didn’t get a century break but Jason had a break of 122 in the 7th frame. While it’s always nice getting century breaks, I am just happy that I won for a change.

28/02/2020 – Match 69

Winning 6 frames to 3 has given me a small win streak and has put me just 2 matches behind. I was really lucky this week, the balls just seemed to consistently end up in a good position. There were two century breaks of 127 in the 4th and 6th frame, both belonging to me.

Season 2 (January – June 2020) statistics

Played Won Frames Won Centuries Highest Break
Copper 8 3 36 8 132
Jason 8 5 40 12 141

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